Great Bridal Showers

Unique and Fun Wedding Shower Ideas

Shopping around for wedding shower ideas can be frustrating if you're looking for something unique for a special bride-to-be. So many of the shower ideas that you'll find are impractical, or silly or just plain not quite the kind of thing you're looking for. Here's a handful of wedding shower ideas on everything from wedding showers with a theme to unique wedding invitations to fun activities that will make the wedding shower you throw for your special bride-to-be an affair to remember.

Wedding Shower Ideas With a Theme

One of the easiest ways to put together any party is to choose a theme for the event, and a wedding shower is no exception. By choosing a theme, you'll make it easy to coordinate decorations, invitations and even gift suggestions for your guests. When choosing the theme, the two important things to keep in mind are the bride's likes, and the prospective guest list.

Some bridal shower ideas that are fun for the bride and her wedding party are simply inappropriate if the guest list includes her maiden Aunt Lucy and the boss' wife. One unique idea for a bridal shower is to host a catalog party in the bride's name.

One bridal party contributed to the bride's wedding trousseau with a Naughty Nightie party in her name. The hostess blended traditional wedding shower activities with a catalog party, and each purchase made by the guests contributed to the gifts that the bride chose for herself for her wedding day - and night!

Memorable Wedding Shower Ideas

Some of the loveliest bridal shower ideas are for ways to celebrate the memories that the bride shares with her friends and family. One very special wedding shower idea is to present the bride-to-be with a 'memory album' built by her friends.

When you send out invitations, include a request for each guest to bring along a photograph of the bride, the groom or the happy couple from their own collection of photographs. If they don't have a photo to share, ask them to bring some memento - whether it's a hand-written letter or a matchbook from a favorite hangout spot.

At the shower, tack up a 'memory wall' where guests can add their 'memory' with sticky tac or something similar. The end result is a unique memory album made up of special days and photos from those who have known the couple throughout their lives.

Edible Wedding Shower Ideas

For a very different wedding shower, invite all the guests to forget their diets for the day and indulge in a Decadent Dessert wedding shower. If the shower is to be held at home or at a rented hall, ask each guest to bring their most favorite, most decadent dessert to share, or set up a sundae bar with sinfully delicious ice cream flavors, fresh whipped cream and a variety of toppings. Don't forget to include melted chocolate and strawberries for dipping!

Intimate Wedding Shower Ideas

These days it's not uncommon for a bride to have more than one bridal shower, each hosted by a different group of friends. The bride's mother may host one for family members, an office mate may put together a lunch-hour wedding shower for coworkers - but one that's sure to be remembered forever by the bride is an intimate get-together with her closest friends. Some 'best friends' shower ideas are a day at the spa, one last pajama party or a girls-night-out bachelorette party at a local ladies' night.