Great Bridal Showers

Picture a Unique Bridal Shower Invitation

Sending a unique bridal shower invitation will capture the guest's attention and generate conversation. Talking about the invitation is a good thing! That means your phone will soon be a-ringing with some RSVPs!

What exactly does unique mean? In the context of the unique bridal shower invitation, unique means distinctive, one of a kind, an exclusive, never seen before invitation. That's a tall order! However, coming up with a unique bridal shower invitation is not as hard as you might think! Below are a few ideas to get those brain cells busy.

Call the bride's mother or a close family member. Ask to go through a few of the bride's childhood scrapbooks. Look for a distinctive piece of memorabilia that you could possibly scan into your computer to create a unique bridal shower invitation.

For example, do you remember ever having one of those silhouettes head shots made of you as a child? That would make a perfect setting for the front cover of the invitation.

The bride's first set of hand or footprints also are conducive to a unique bridal shower invitation idea. Another possibility is using one of the bride's childhood drawings. When using these childhood memories, be sure to word the invitation to reflect something like "You may remember her as a child, but now our bride-to-be has all grown up..."

Talk with the groom and ask for a few pictures of the two of them together. Scan the pictures into your computer to create a collage of pictures of the husband and wife-to-be. Have the poses reflect a variety of moods.

Or for the front cover of your unique bridal shower invitation, you could have a single picture of the bride plus (+) a single picture of the groom equals (=) a picture of the two of them together along with their impending wedding date. Scanning the pictures in black and white then colorizing just certain parts of the picture can be a striking contrast.

In keeping with the picture theme, meet with the bride and ask to take a few pictures of her hands. The goal is to get a great picture of her wearing her engagement ring.

Of course, warn her ahead of time so she can pretty up her hands with a manicure! A photo of her hands with the engagement ring prominent is special and deserving of framing. (Hmmm... sounds like a great bridal shower gift idea!)

To play up the hand theme, try photographing the bride's hands in different mediums. For instance, in one scene, have the bride caressing flower petals. Or, if she owns a cat or dog, take pictures of her petting them.

Winding a silky scarf through her hands for a photo could be eye-catching. Capturing the hands in various scenes will actually highlight the bride's engagement ring, which is the whole point in creating this unique bridal shower invitation.

There is a quote that says "A picture is worth a thousand words." That sentiment is true. A photograph can invoke a certain response from people and your unique bridal shower invitation is no different. Shoot for one of a kind and be prepared for compliments!