Great Bridal Showers

The Unique Bridal Shower Gift Revisited

The concept of giving a unique bridal shower gift is not, well, unique. Everyone wants to get the bride something original to stand out from the rest of her gifts. However, with gift registries guiding us to purchases that the happy couple really needs, can we still give a unique bridal shower gift? The answer is yes.

The idea is to build upon the present that you purchased through the gift registry. That way, the bride and groom will still have items they need, yet you will have given them those necessities in a totally original way that they will remember.

Ok, you are probably thinking, "That's easy for you to say! I have no clue where to start!" Well, you start first by purchasing the "necessity gift" from their registry, something that fits within your budget. The "unique" part of this unique bridal shower gift will be in the presentation.

For example, let's say your gift purchase from the registry was a glass pitcher with a set of drinking glasses. One way to transform that into a unique bridal shower gift is purchasing some lemonade mixes, a few fresh lemons and limes, a small bouquet of flowers (silk is best) and an inexpensive serving tray.

Fill the pitcher with the lemons and limes and insert the flower stems in the pitcher among them in an attractive manner. Put the lemonade package mixes (do not open them) into the individual glasses. Arrange the pitcher and glasses onto the serving tray. In your card, write something about "Now you will be prepared with refreshments for any unexpected guests ..."

What if your gift purchase from the registry is a set of towels? How can you create a unique bridal shower gift from towels? Purchase a laundry basket and some ribbon in a color that coordinates with the towels. Tie a ribbon around each individual towel and display it attractively in the laundry basket.

Purchase a few inexpensive shower products and maybe a back scrubber or two. Arrange the shower products among the towels and wrap the entire basket with a perky bow and voilá – a unique bridal shower gift!

If you are a crafty person, perhaps you could make something yourself. It would be personal and definitely a unique bridal shower gift. Do you cross stitch? Maybe you can make a cross stitch sampler using the wedding colors.

Stitch the soon-to-be married couple's name with the date and time of their wedding, along with a brief poem or saying. The cross stitch sampler could then be matted and framed, again using the wedding colors.

Create a "Recipe of Love" cookbook with entries from each invited bridal shower guest. Talk with the bridal shower hostess and get the contact information for them. Collect some personal recipes from each person, along with comments on how their recipe turned out or even a quote or favorite memory. Bind the book at a local printer and present the cookbook in a decorative mixing bowl or some other item from the bride's gift registry.

So you see, a unique bridal shower gift is possible! It just takes a little ingenuity. When you present your gift to the bride, you'll probably be just as excited as she is to open it!