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Have Fun with a Unique Bridal Shower Game

A unique bridal shower game can be a challenge. After a long day at the office, and a few extracurricular hours planning the bridal shower, your mind just cannot shut down. You cross off items on your mental checklist of things to do when you realize that you have to provide some entertainment for this bridal shower. What are you going to do?

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You want a fun, unique bridal shower game. Just remember, what may seem fun to you may not to others, so keep in mind the guests attending the shower. You've got the bride's great grandmother coming along with the mother-in-law to be. The flower girl is 10 years old. Count on having a wide disparity of ages as your audience.

Name That Tune was a popular game show years ago and you can adapt that into your own unique bridal shower game. This variation will take some preparation but the fun factor could be well worth the effort. In the weeks leading up to the event, start recording everyday sounds onto a tape cassette or CD.

The object of the game will be for the guests to identify noises. Are some city workers demolishing a street nearby? Record the sound of their jackhammers. Is your neighbor cutting down tree limbs? Record the buzz of their chainsaw. Make a recording of everyday household sounds also like toilets flushing, bacon sizzling and your vacuum cleaner running. Try to come up with some tough ones for the guests to decipher.

Devise your own spin on giving advice to the bride to be. Have guests write common questions to marriage-related problems on one slip of paper and put them in a basket. Then have them write their answers on another slip of paper and put them in a separate basket. Mix the slips of paper up and draw a question from one basket and an answer from another basket.

More likely than not, the answers will not match the questions. Let's just say that this advice should prove to be "interesting!" Totally innocuous answers could be seen in a whole new light when paired with the "right" question.

Create your own version of the scavenger hunt game. Devise a list of some common items you might find in a purse like lipstick, pens, breath mints, tissues and coins. Then come up with some weird or atypical things that are not necessarily always carried in a purse like a toothbrush, a coupon for ice cream, coffee creamer packets, or even pepper spray.

Award points to each item in this version of a unique bridal shower game, with higher points being awarded to the more unusual items. The person with the most points wins the game and possibly a few strange looks from other guests wondering why in the heck they have something that weird in their purse!

With a few ideas buzzing around in your mind, you too can come up with your own unique bridal shower game. Just remember to keep your audience in mind and be creative. And most of all have fun!