Great Bridal Showers

Five Unique Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

One of the best ways to come up with a unique bridal shower favor is to add a personalized twist on a traditional wedding shower favor. By adding your own personal touch to a common idea, you can lift it out of the ordinary and into the realm of the uniquely memorable.

1. Give place card holders a personal touch.

Wire photo clips and place card holders are popular wedding and bridal shower favors. Usually, they hold the place card with the name of the guest and their seating assignment. Give them a personal touch to turn a simple place card holder into a unique bridal shower favor by taking advantage of the latest technology.

Use a webcam attached to a PC to take a snapshot of each guest as they arrive, print immediately and tuck each into a photo clip. Arrange the photo clips with photos on a table by the door and let your guests have fun finding their photo - and looking at everyone else's.

2. Pick a unique filler for candy boxes or organza bags.

Candy dishes, candy boxes and little organza bags filled with candies are a standard bridal favor. Skip the conversation hearts, the Jordan almonds and the pastel pillow mints, and choose an unusual treat to fill your candy boxes with. You can make homemade goodies, or take a cue from your region.

Want to be truly whimsical? How about gumballs, bubblegum or jellybeans? Salt water taffy, maple sugar candy, rock candy and chocolate truffles are all wedding favor fillers that will turn candy boxes into a unique bridal shower favor.

3. Print your own labels for jars of 'memories'.

For a down home country style event, pick boxes of quilted jelly jars in four ounce size. Fill with jelly beans, bath salts (bought in bulk), potpourri or anything else that you can think of. The quilted jelly jars (from Ball) have a flat surface to affix a label, and come with labels that you can print yourself with a personalized message.

4. Another label idea with a unique bridal shower favors twist.

Let your guests' inner children out to play. Pick up a few cases of children's bubbles in assorted color bottles - or if you can manage it, get them all in one color plastic bottle. Peel or soak off the labels and replace them with your own labels, printed on your computer's printer. Make them really personal with a printed photo of the bride and groom -- blowing bubbles, of course.

5. Give bridal shower parasols a unique twist.

If you're doing an Asian themed bridal shower, have a little fun with the theme. You can order a box of paper drink parasols from an online restaurant supply house - the type that grace your drink at a Polynesian restaurant.

To create a unique bridal shower favor with an Asian theme, open a parasol and place upside down in the center of a tulle circle. Fill the upturned parasol with tiny breath mints or silver dragoons. Gather the tulle circle around the bamboo handle and tie with satin 1/4 inch ribbon. Add a hand printed card with the shower date and name of the bride to be to finish off a unique bridal shower favor with a distinct difference.