Great Bridal Showers

A Sample Bridal Shower Invitation

A sample bridal shower invitation can be important when worrying about all the details of planning a bridal shower. You want to choose the perfect invitation because it can set the tone of the event.

However, if you buy them sight unseen, you will worry if the order is correct and whether or not the materials are of good quality. Then you have the hassle of sending the invitations back if the order is incorrect and losing valuable time in mailing the invitations.

You need a sample bridal shower invitation as a guide when placing your order. There are so many styles of invitations to pick from and the process can be overwhelming without an example of the invitation in front of you.

Local printers and stationery or paper supply stores usually have scrapbooks available in their stores filled with sample bridal shower invitations to peruse. These sample books provide pricing for various orders.

Keep in mind that the more you order, the cheaper the price. There are also optional services and add-ons to choose from like foil-lined or patterned envelopes.

The sample bridal shower invitations in the scrapbooks are displayed with only one kind of font or letter style, usually in one that is most suitable to the design of the invitation. However, you are not limited to that particular letter style or font.

You have the option of choosing something different. Just keep in mind that the more formal invitations will work better with a classic script type font and the casual invitations should have a funky or fun type of font.

Once you determine what you want your invitation to say, you can place your order. Be sure to print neatly so the words are legible! The great thing about ordering from one of those sample books is that you will receive a sample bridal shower invitation several business days later with your own wording on them.

When you receive this sample proof back, check the spelling thoroughly. Ensure that you have the date correct as well as the time, directions, RSVP information and anything else pertinent that the shower guests need to know. Have a friend check for accuracy too. Because once you approve the sample bridal shower invitation's content, the printer signs off on responsibility for any typographical errors.

If you do not have the time to visit your local printer or stationery or paper supply stores, you can still get a sample bridal shower invitation through the internet. Many stores online would be happy to send you a sample, usually for a small charge. Browse through several websites until you find an online store that has the invitation style and design you want.

Some websites will send you just a sample of the invitation without any of your own wording, much like what you might see in those sample books from a local printer. You would have to send them your invitation wording, which they would then typeset, and email or fax back for your approval. You would then just have to trust that your invitation turns out the way you want it to.

Another option that websites have is choosing your invitation style and design online, emailing them your invitation wording, then viewing the actual sample bridal shower invitation on their website to check for accuracy and content. Selecting this option allows you to choose several invitation styles.

That way, you can request several sample bridal invitations to proof in person. Of course, don't forget that they will most likely charge a small fee for this privilege.

Now that you have the sample bridal shower invitation figured out, you can order with confidence. Cross one more item off your list of things to do.