Great Bridal Showers

Seven Things to Consider When Planning a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower can be a lot of fun. There are so many traditions associated with bridal showers, though, that you may feel a little overwhelmed by the scope of it all. Here are seven things to consider when planning a bridal shower that will help you pull it all together with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of fun.

1. Who will you invite?

If you're planning a bridal shower for just a few close friends of the bride, it will be a far different kind of party than if you're planning a huge affair for all the friends and family members of the bride and groom. The guest list will dictate everything from where you hold the party to what activities you'll plan.

Traditionally, the guests at a bridal shower are all the female acquaintances of the bride and groom, but you may be throwing an office bridal shower, or one for just close friends, or one for the bride's side of the family - or a Jack and Jill or couples' bridal shower for both men and women. The one rule of etiquette is that you should only include those who will be invited to the wedding on the bridal shower invitation list.

2. Where will you hold the bridal shower?

A bridal shower can be anything from a small gathering of the bride's closest friends to a huge shindig that nearly rivals the wedding. If you're planning on renting a hall for the bridal shower, you'll need to schedule it well in advance. Make sure that the location is an easy one for most people to find.

3. Will it be a surprise for the bride?

Traditionally, bridal showers are surprise parties for the bride or the bride and groom. If you're planning a bridal shower that will be a surprise, then you'll need to coordinate with someone to make sure that the bride will actually be available to attend! One of the best ways to do that is to have a friend make plans with the bride for that day, and arrange to get her to the shower on time.

4. What sort of theme will you plan for the bridal shower?

Themed bridal showers are getting more and more popular. By planning a bridal shower around a theme, you make it easier to choose decorations, food, location - even the kind of gifts that guests might choose for the bride.

5. What kind of activities will you plan for the bridal shower?

There are lots of traditional bridal shower activities that you can include when you're planning a bridal shower for a close friend. Some of the activities you might consider are a wishing well, party games and ice breakers, traditions like the ribbon hat and a walk down memory lane.

6. What kind of food will you serve at the bridal shower?

Food at a bridal shower can be anything from chips and dip to a full five course sit-down catered dinner. Suit the menu to the time of day and the theme you've chosen for the wedding shower.

7. What sort of bridal shower favors will you give out?

Bridal shower favors are an important part of the planning. You may order them from a party store that specializes in making party favors, or choose to make them yourself. If you decide to make the bridal shower favors yourself, you can make it easy and fun by including friends in the process. Have a little get-together to produce the party favors a few days before the shower.

The more time you put into planning the bridal shower, the less stressful it will be to actually host the event. Take the time to decide where, when, who and what beforehand so that you can relax and enjoy the day of celebrating the happy couple with your friends.