Great Bridal Showers

Plan a Bridal Shower with Ease

When you plan a bridal shower, the main goal is to pay tribute to the bride and wish her the best in her new role as a wife. It is also the perfect time for friends and family to spend a little time with the bride before wedding festivities consume the last few weeks of her single life.

How can you plan a bridal shower with ease? Talk with the bride about her expectations. Does she have a particular theme in mind that would be fun? Get her contributions for the guest list.

Be sure that the bridal shower guests have also been invited to the wedding. Ask the bride to check her calendar for available dates. You cannot have a bridal shower without the bride!

Decide how much you can afford to spend on the bridal shower. Enlist the help of the bridesmaids. Be upfront with them about your finances. Perhaps you all can find a way to divide the responsibilities and costs.

Don't forget to obtain input from her family members. Decide on the location. If you do not have the room for a lot of guests at your own home, ask the bridesmaids and the bride's family for suggestions on a suitable location.

Order the invitations or save money and make them yourself. When you plan a bridal shower, timing is important. The event should be no later than four weeks before the wedding.

What time of day you plan the event depends a great deal on whether or not you want to serve a full meal or just have cake, punch and finger foods. Early afternoons, about two hours after lunch, is a good time.

Make sure to incorporate the RSVP information into your invitation. Knowing who is coming will help in planning a bridal shower. The number of guests will impact the purchase of your food and drink as well as party favors. Don't forget to include directions to the location!

Having enough help the day of the event is essential when you plan a bridal shower. Extra hands can help decorate. Food needs to be prepared. Assistants can log each gift that the bride opens to ensure that a record is kept of who gave what to the bride. This is important when writing the thank-you cards.

You must also make the bridal shower guests feel welcome. Plan a few games and a "getting to know you" session where everyone says how they know the bride. Even share a short story or two about her.

Delegate! When you plan a bridal shower, you also want to enjoy yourself at the event and mingle with the guests. If someone asks how they can help, tell them!

Be sure that the only thing the bride does is relax and visit with family and friends. Remember, she also has been enmeshed with a ton of planning for her wedding and deserves a break too.

One final thing to consider when you plan a bridal shower is taking pictures to commemorate the event. Create a little photo album after the shower to give as your personal gift to the bride. She'll treasure that memento for years to come.