Great Bridal Showers

10 Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

Personalization turns a trinket into a personalized bridal shower favor that will serve as a memento of the day for the shower guests. There are all sorts of bridal shower favors that can be personalized, from chocolate bars to bath soaps. If you're looking for something a little different, check out our list of ten of the most popular personalized bridal shower favors.

1. Personalized coffee bridal shower favors

Treat your guests to morning coffee with personalized packets of Perfect Blend coffee. Each pack makes one full pot of 100% Arabica coffee in several varieties. Couple the personalized coffee packs with an accessory like a sterling silver heart-shaped coffee scoop, or a 'Perfect Blend' coffee mug.

2. Personalized candy wrapper bridal shower favors

Choose from a wide variety of chocolates and other fine candies to wrap up in a pretty, personalized wrapper with the name of the bride-to-be and the date of her shower. Belgian, Swiss or Italian chocolate bars or bridal shower miniatures are great personalized bridal shower favors.

3. Personalized mint tins bridal shower favors

Personalized mint tins are one of the most popular wedding and bridal shower favors. Refillable tins go in a purse or pocket so that they have a useful memento of your bridal shower.

4. Personalized pens bridal shower favors

For something a little different than the traditional bridal shower favor, order pens imprinted with up to four lines of personalization. Share a favorite quote, the name of the bride to be and her groom, the date of the shower and the wedding date.

5. Personalized ribbon makes any favor a personalized bridal shower favor

You can turn almost anything into a personalized bridal shower favor with imprinted ribbon. The ribbon is available for order online in several widths and a wide variety of colors. Use personalized ribbon to tie a bow around an organza bag, or the neck of a bottle.

6. Make your own personalized bridal shower favor

You can't get much more personal than a bridal shower favor that you make yourself. Use your computer's printer to make personalized labels for jelly glass jars full of candies, potpourri or bath salts.

7. Personalized votive candle bridal shower favor

Votive candles are another popular bridal shower favor that can be personalized in many different ways. Add a personalized gift tag, engrave the name on the candle itself, or include a pretty, scented votive candle with an engraved votive candle holder.

8. Personalized shot glass bridal shower favor

Personalized glasses have been popular party and wedding favors for decades. Shot glasses are common, and can be used as votive candle holders, but there are many other styles of personalized glasses that can be engraved with your name and the date of your shower.

9. Personalized wine bottle bridal shower favor

One of the most impressive personalized bridal shower favors is a wine bottle with your own personal label. There are a number of local vineyards that will label their wines with a label that you create or choose yourself. While you could lay out a pretty penny for this sophisticated bridal shower favor, you can also find reasonably priced wines to personalize with your wedding shower label.

10. Personalized lip gloss bridal shower favor

One for the girls - pretty little personalized lip gloss tins in a variety of flavors and designs personalized with your shower date and name.