Great Bridal Showers

Hosting a Bridal Shower Can Be Fun!

Logistics is the name of the game when hosting a bridal shower. Where is it going to be? When is it? What time of day? Who is coming? What are we going to eat? How in the heck am I going to get my house clean in time? So many decisions!

Thank goodness for the bridesmaids and bride! The bride will help with the guest list. After all, she knows who is coming to the wedding. She can provide the addresses needed for the special ladies in her life that will be attending the bridal shower. Bridesmaids can help with such tasks as calling around town for pricing on supplies and helping with food and decorations.

When hosting a bridal shower, everything from invitations, decorations and even food can hinge on a theme. If you choose a great theme, details sometimes seem to just fall in place.

For example, you could have an oriental theme with egg rolls and wontons as finger foods with various dipping sauces as accompaniments. Favors could include fortune cookies and chopsticks, with an extra special fortune for the bride of course! Paper lanterns and the Chinese takeout boxes serving as decorations are an option.

Invitations can be as difficult or as easy as you make it when hosting a bridal shower. Let's make it easy on you, shall we? Easy means custom ordering is out.

There are so many choices paper color, paper texture, ink color, fonts enough to make you go bonkers. By deciding on a simple e-card or fill-in-the-blank invitation, you can save yourself some time, energy and money. An option would be to embellish pre-made or fill-in-the-blank invitations with ribbon, stickers or stamping.

Speculation can ruin your momentum when hosting a bridal shower. Make sure the invitations include all pertinent details such as the date, start and end times, location, the bride being honored, who is hosting the bridal shower (that would be you), RSVP and gift registry information and even a map to the event. Mail the invitations in plenty of time for guests to plan, usually four weeks before the bridal shower date.

While waiting for the RSVPs to start coming in, think about your food, drinks, decorations and entertainment. Just remember easy is best when hosting a bridal shower. Veggie trays, dips, chips, finger foods and the bridal shower cake should be sufficient.

Drinks can be that special punch recipe from the bride's mother's first cousin once removed. Water, hot and cold tea and coffee are also good alternative choices. Don't forget about the paper plates, napkins and disposable tableware!

Decorations should reflect your theme and can include streamers, balloons, flowers and maybe even pictures of the bride borrowed from family members chronicling her life up to her engagement.

Entertainment is as simple as getting a male stripper. Just kidding! Ok, you could get a stripper but you don't want the bride's grandmother or maiden aunt to faint. Party games are fun and are good icebreakers for those people who don't know a lot of guests.

One of the last things to remember when hosting a bridal shower is to have fun. If you can afford it, pay someone to clean your home and hire them for the duration of the bridal shower to keep food served and drinks poured. That would free you up to mingle with the guests and give your best wishes to the bride.