Great Bridal Showers

Have a Homemade Bridal Shower Favor Party

Nothing is quite as personal and special as a handmade gift. When you decide to make homemade bridal shower favors, you're giving a gift of your time, talent and love to both the bride and her guests and friends.

Making homemade bridal shower favors is time-consuming, especially if you're hosting a large bridal shower. The best way to cut the construction time is to share the work among several hands. Gather your materials and your friends and have a homemade bridal shower favor party to get it all together.

Start by choosing a homemade bridal shower favor that anyone can do. You can't assume that your helpers will have crafty fingers, after all. By choosing an easy, assembly line project, you'll find that things go smoothly and you'll have all the bridal shower favors done in no time.

To get the best deal on the materials for the bridal shower favors, think ahead so that you have time to shop around. If you give yourself a few weeks of lead time, you can even shop online for bridal shower favor materials to get the absolute best price you can find.

Many wedding favor web sites offer 'kits' from which you can assemble wedding favors. Each kit contains all the supplies needed to create 25 or 50 wedding favors. If you'd rather create your own homemade bridal shower favor design, though, you can usually buy all the supplies you need individually.

A few days before the event, have a trial run of your own, assembling one or two of the shower favors to be sure that you have all the needed materials and supplies, and that you can make the wedding favor well enough to explain it to others. On the day of your put-together party, lay out the materials in the order that they'll be used.

It's generally easiest to get an assembly line going with each person taking a certain stage of the construction rather than each person being responsible for making a whole wedding shower favor from start to finish.

While you'll want to offer our helpers refreshments, keep in mind what they're doing and working with. It may seem logical to offer finger foods and snacks for them to munch on while they work, but keep in mind that they'll be working with fabrics. You don't want them to end up getting greasy fingerprints all over the homemade bridal shower favors. Instead, offer a full meal before starting on the assembly line - or serve snacks and drinks after the shower favors are completed.

Finally, make sure that you have a sturdy box in which to transport the homemade bridal shower favors to the hall or place where the shower is being held. As each piece is completed, put it carefully in the box. When you've filled the bottom of the box, lay a piece of stiff, sturdy cardboard over the tops of the wedding favors, then continue filling the box, adding a new layer as each layer gets full.

Creating homemade bridal shower favors isn't difficult, but it does require a bit of planning. It will all be worth it though, when all the guests at the bridal shower exclaim about your homemade bridal shower favors.