Great Bridal Showers

Writing a Fun Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal showers, which are a symbolic way of showering the bride-to-be with love and gifts, have been around for a long time and they have evolved in that time as well. The planning and preparation for the shower, however, has largely stayed the same and sending out invitations is an important part of that preparation.

The person planning the shower must decide what type of invitation to use, it can be a romantic, a whimsical, an artsy, or even a fun bridal shower invitation, and then must send it out well in advance, approximately two months prior to the actual bridal shower.

Bridal shower invitations can be sent using snail mail or email, although it would probably be best to send a romantic invitation by snail mail, whereas the fun bridal shower invitation could be sent out using either email or snail mail.

While the fun bridal shower invitation can be designed to make the recipient smile or chuckle, or give an idea of the fun that will be had at the party itself, it must also contain all of the relevant information regarding the party. At minimum, that information should include the name of the bride-to-be, the date and time of the shower, the name and phone number of the hosts or hostesses, and a deadline for the RSVP. A bridal shower theme and home decorating colors can also be included in the invitation, if applicable, and a map showing the location of the shower is also a good idea.

If you are designing a bridal shower invitation, creativity is required, but a funny bridal shower invitation requires special attention as it needs to give the required information and entertain as well. The fun bridal shower invitation should be witty and tasteful and, if there is a theme to the party, it should say something funny about the theme too.

When planning the bridal shower, the fun bridal shower invitation should complement the fun bridal favors, games, prizes and the fun atmosphere that is being planned for the party. Hopefully, the person responsible for creating and sending the invitations will also have fun designing them, as this will be reflected in the invitation.

When sending the fun bridal shower invitation, either by snail mail or email, humor can be used on the envelope or in the subject field of the email, to attract the recipient's attention. One or two lines that are short, witty, or cute stamped on the envelope or typed into the subject field of the email should do the trick nicely.

The important thing to remember when planning a bridal shower for someone is that, whether the theme is romantic, whimsical, bohemian, traditional, or humorous, the party should be fun for everyone, including the person throwing the party. This means that whatever the invitation, the fun bridal shower invitation being no exception, it should be fun to receive and fun to write! The bride-to-be will be stressed out enough with the upcoming changes in her life, and the hostess shouldn't get herself stressed out too just by throwing the party.