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Another Fun Bridal Shower Game

Bridal showers are a longstanding custom, but not everyone looks with enthusiasm at the invitation they have just received to another bridal shower. Many people find the affairs rather boring and even a bit of a nuisance. That is why properly planning the shower is so important, as the goal is to make sure that everyone attending enjoys themselves. This is where the fun bridal shower game comes in.

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Traditionally, in addition to food and gifts, there are number of games played at bridal showers and often they are neither fun nor interesting. Therefore, in order to make sure that the shower is a success, the person planning the party must make sure that she has a fun bridal shower game or two (or more) planned for the party.

Of course, when deciding which games to play, the likes and dislikes of all those attending the shower should be considered as much as possible, since what one might consider a fun bridal shower game another may not. For example, one popular game played at bridal showers is where one of the women records every ooh and ahh and wow announced by the bride-to-be when she is opening her gifts. These comments are then read out loud later as though they are the comments the bride makes during the first night of her honeymoon.

Some of guests may find this offensive, others just boring, and some might find it funny. Thus, it is important to consider the tastes of all the guests at the party as much as possible. Naturally, it is not possible to please everyone with every game but with a little effort and a little research into bridal shower games, it is possible to find fun bridal shower games that will suit most of the guests most of the time.

Some of the more popular fun bridal shower games are Bridal Bingo, the Bride's Poem, Groom in his Skivvies, My Favorite Memory, and, of course, door prizes. These are just a few that are possible to play, but if you are looking for games that are a little more original and a little different than the old tried and true games, there enough resources out there (books, Internet, other brides maids that have planned bridal showers) to consult that can give you plenty of fun bridal shower games to consider.

Remember too, that just because you've planned several games for the shower and have placed time limits on how long each game should be played, it doesn't mean you can't end a game sooner than planned if the guests look bored or extend the game further than you had planned if the guests seem to be having fun. It might even be necessary to exclude a game that you had planned to play at the party altogether.

It doesn't really matter what games are played, though, or how many are played, or how long they are played. What matters is how much everyone enjoys themselves and has fun at the party. After all, the purpose of a fun bridal shower game is to help the guests have fun!