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A Free Printable Bridal Shower Game

A free printable bridal shower game is the perfect option for the hostess who spent all of her budget on the bigger ticket items like invitations, postage, decorations and food. Why buy bridal shower games when you can print them from the comfort of your own home for free?

Best Bridal Shower Games
Download, Print, and Play Bridal Shower Games, Bridal Bingo, and more!

Do a little research online to find an array of choices for your free printable bridal shower game. Pick a game that gets every guest involved. There will probably be a wide range of ages and interests, so pick something that has a universal appeal like name games, bingo and memory games. Make certain that you have plenty of paper supplies to print free bridal shower games.

One of the most popular free printable bridal shower games is Bingo, wedding-style. Since there are a few variations of this "bridal bingo" game, check and make sure you print the correct bingo card template that corresponds with your version. One of the versions is a bingo card with blank boxes that you let the guests fill in with the names of gift they think the bride will receive.

The word scrambler is another popular free printable bridal shower game. You have lists of words associated with various aspects of the wedding. For instance, one subject could be words that are related to the actual wedding ceremony like priest, unity candle or altar. Another area could be scrambled words having to do with marriage like wedding, wife and husband. You can print free bridal shower games choosing among a variety of topics.

Trivia games can be fun. It is a great way to learn about the bride as well as the guests. The bride starts by filling in a questionnaire with such inquiries as "what is your favorite color?" or "what is your favorite rainy day activity?" You can probably find places to print free bridal shower games that have similar questions and forms for the guests to fill out.

If you have a little time and a computer, it is fairly easy to create your own free printable bridal shower game. All it takes is a matter of picking out some favorite standard games and typing them up. You can write your own instructions and insert your own photos or clipart if you want to do so.

For example, create your own version of scattergories using the letters from the bride or groom's name. When you create this game you type in the bride or groom's name at the top of the page, and then create some numbered blanks for guests to fill in their answers. They are timed and have to think of anything wedding related that starts with each letter in the bride or groom's name listed at the top.

The hardest part about the whole process is deciding what your prizes for winning should be. The easiest part about your free printable bridal shower game does not have to leave your home and go shopping. And the best part? These games are free!