Great Bridal Showers

Free Bridal Shower Ideas are Plentiful

With the internet and tons of bridal books available, free bridal shower ideas are in abundance. Free is everyone's favorite four letter word. And when you are planning the bridal shower, free is good.

If you are still in brainstorming mode, a free bridal shower idea could kick off new inspiration for you. For instance, when you buy the invitations, you would want to buy the matching thank-you cards. When guests arrive, have them write their name and address on a blank thank-you card envelope.

This will save the bride some time by not having to address envelopes. Plus, you know that the address will be correct! You can use those envelopes for a dual purpose. Put all the envelopes in a hat or basket and at the end of the bridal shower, draw a few names to see who wins a prize.

Another great free bridal shower idea involves asking each guest to bring a picture of the bride from their own photo collections. The picture could of the bride by herself, with a group or even doing something silly. Create a display board to arrange the photos make up captions if you desire. This could be perfect for exhibiting later at the wedding reception to share with the wedding guests.

Have you thought about a bridal shower party idea? Perhaps a few games could break the ice among guests who may not know each other. The clothes pin game is fun and easy.

As each guest arrives, they receive a clothes pin and told not to use the word wedding or maybe something like the groom's name. If someone catches you saying the forbidden word, they can take your clothes pin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the game is the winner.

Another great bridal shower party idea is to collect some childhood pictures of the bride. Ask the bride's mom or other close family members for help with this. At the bridal shower, you can make a game out of people trying to decide how old she is in the pictures. The person who gets the most correct wins a prize. This also counts as a great free bridal shower idea too!

Of course, there is the traditional Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game. This is an easy bridal shower party idea. Break the guests into teams. Give them each a roll of toilet paper. Let them haggle over which guest member in their group serves as the "bride" for this game.

Then, they get to wrap toilet paper around this "bride" and create a wedding dress. Make it a timed game. Have the real bride serve as the judge and award a winner in categories such as "most elaborate" and "most revealing."

When you first learn that you will be planning a bridal shower, email all your friends and family for ideas. Break your request up into categories like decorations, food, fun games and time-saving tips. This is a great way to come up with some free bridal shower ideas. After all, free is our favorite four letter word and free is good!