Great Bridal Showers

A Free Bridal Shower Game Equals Fun for All

The internet is the perfect choice when looking for a free bridal shower game. However, how can you whittle down that plethora of choices to just a mere few? Decide what you do not want to do for starters. You do not want cause awkwardness or hurt feelings with any game you play.

Best Bridal Shower Games
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At bridal showers, not everyone will know one another, so any "inside" jokes will not work. You will also not know the personality of everyone who attends. There are many free wedding shower games existing that will please most everyone.

One free bridal shower game is the word scramble. Choose a wedding saying or quotation. The guests will have a predetermined amount of time to make up as many words as possible from the wedding saying. For instance, you can choose a quote from the wedding ceremony like "in sickness and in health." Or choose various wedding related words like ceremony, matron of honor, or flower girl.

In your quest for free wedding shower games, you might run across variations of the memory game. One variation is to have a guest walk around with a tray of items, usually everyday household items or weird kitchen tools that no one really uses. The guests are timed and have to remember and write everything that they saw on the tray. Whoever gets the most items wins a prize.

The memory game is also played with a guest recruited to "accidentally" spill the contents of a purse on the floor. After the clean-up, the hostess will ask everyone to write down everything that they remember seeing fall out of the purse. The winner, of course, writes down the most items. A bonus point or bonus prize could be awarded to the person who can name what the guest was wearing.

You can also find a free bridal shower game that corresponds with the shower's theme. For instance, if you have a kitchen theme, you can play something called "Only the Nose Knows." It is also known under various other names too. Basically, you choose several kinds of herbs or cooking necessities and put them in plastic baggies or small brown paper bags. The guests have a sniff test to try and identify all the items.

Free wedding shower games could also include trivia questions about the bride. Turn it into a Family Feud type of game by splitting up the guests into two teams. Have questions like "what is the bride's favorite way to relax?" or "what is the bride's favorite home cooked meal?"

Have several free bridal shower games on hand and ready to play for when guests arrive. Once guests start mingling, you can get a general idea of the mood and the personalities of the guests and how they interact with one another. This will give you a good clue on which free bridal shower game to choose. Remember, a fun game makes for a good icebreaker for your guests.