Great Bridal Showers

The Right Discount Bridal Shower Invitation

Is your budget so tight that you squeak when you walk? Consider a discount bridal shower invitation when planning for a bridal shower. You want to make this blessed event a special one for the bride, but with all of the other things to plan like food and gifts, you need a cheap bridal shower invitation. You have many options!

Option number one on your quest for a discount bridal shower invitation is to check with your local printers about discounted invitations. Many times for one reason or another, brides or hostesses will order invitations, only to never pick them up. Or they change their minds and choose something else. Or the wedding was called off, so therefore no bridal shower happens.

No matter what the reason is, printers are sometimes stuck with the invitations and will sell them at a huge discount just to get rid of them and recoup some of the costs. Keep in mind that these are usually blank invitations where you write your own wording and information, and then the printer uses their facilities to create them for you. Your budget would thank you for this cheap bridal shower invitation alternative!

Your second option is to make the invitations yourself. If you are handy with a computer and have your own inkjet or laser printer, consider this an option in your quest for a discount bridal shower invitation.

Visit your local stationery or hobby stores. Sometimes you can find paper and cardstock supplies at a cheap price. Your computer will probably have a program or two that has invitation templates you can utilize. This option, of course, puts more work on you, but it is creative and unique!

Fill in the blank cards can be a cheap bridal shower invitation alternative. These fill in the blank invitations already have pictures or illustrations on them. Therefore, no printing services from a professional are needed. You just choose the style and theme of invitation you want. Get your pretty handwriting ready.

Do you feel that you just have to have printed invitations? If so, your third option for a discount bridal shower invitation is to downsize. That's right scale it down. This means you can choose a card that does not have to be folded. Typically a little larger than a postcard, there would only be printing done on one side of the card. This makes your job a little easier when it comes to writing the words for it!

Option four is related to option three. If you feel that only a printed invitation will do and you just have to have a traditional folded card, ask for help! See if the bridesmaids will chip in on the budget. Overall, this option may not be related to a discount bridal shower invitation, but it is a cheaper option for you!

No matter what you may decide, there is a way to make your budget work. Some options can cause more work than others. However, in your quest for a discount bridal shower invitation, go for the option that works best for you and your pocketbook.