Great Bridal Showers

You Can Make a Creative Bridal Shower Invitation

Invitations set the tone for an event, so go for a creative bridal shower invitation. No one will remember the punch that was served or the ugly dress Aunt Edna wore (ok, maybe they will), but guests will remember your creative bridal shower invitation.

Before deciding how creative you want to be, consider how many people are being invited. Do you have a theme in mind? What about a color scheme?

If the shower is not a surprise, then ask the bride for her input. If she has no idea about the bridal shower, ask her mom, sister or other close friends for their guidance. Then, recruit and put them to work!

Because the wedding is a ceremonial, dignified event, the shower is the perfect time for everyone to kick up their heels a bit. A handmade creative bridal shower invitation can set the stage. With a computer and an array of choices in paper, cardstock and envelopes, if you can think it, you can probably create it.

Cruise the scrap booking supply aisles in your local hobby store. They have an amazing selection of papers, rubber stamps, inks, cut-outs, stickers, stencils and more. This is the perfect place to get ideas.

Let's say the bridal shower theme is the beach. You probably think of sand, sea shells and warm tropical colors. Or, maybe neutral colors like white and sandy beiges are more your style. Translate that into your creative bridal shower invitation.

Apply a rubber stamp with a shell design and your choice of colored ink on a blank invitation cardstock. Use your computer to type and print a personal message with shower details in a color matching the stamp ink. Punch holes in the invitation and tie it together with raffia or twine.

Or, choose a favorite tropical color like hot pink and some silk flower petals. Print your message and shower information on your colored cardstock or paper. Then glue the petals onto your invitation in an attractive design.

Consider filling little Ziploc bags (you can find small ones in the jewelry supply aisle of a hobby store) with sand and putting a bag into each invitation with an inscription on it like "Help make our bridal shower a ‘beachy' keen experience." Voilá – you now have a creative bridal shower invitation.

Fair warning: once you get your creative juices flowing, it will be hard to stop! Whatever you decide, now you have an idea of how imaginative you can be.

Of course, if you are pressed for time or do not have extra help, order custom invitations in a particular theme. You still can choose your own font, wording, colors and paper or cardstock.

From there, embellish them to make your own creative bridal shower invitation. Tie ribbon or tulle to the invitation for flair. Add a trinket like a recipe card to reflect a kitchen theme.

The possibilities are endless, but making a creative bridal shower invitation is fun. Once your invitations are in the mail, then you can worry about more important things like whether or not you should spike the punch so no one will notice dear Aunt Edna's dress!