Great Bridal Showers

Where to Find a Cheap Bridal Shower Favor

You may be planning the bridal shower on a shoestring, but that doesn't mean that your cheap bridal shower favors have to give away your budget. If you use a little imagination, you can come up with inexpensive bridal shower favors that don't look 'cheap'. There are a number of different ways that you can get a real bargain on bridal shower favors, and still send your guests home with shower favors that look like a million bucks.

Cheap Bridal Favor Strategy 1: Hit the All-For-A-Buck Store

But shop carefully. Most of what you'll find at the local dollar and less store is exactly what you don't want to look like - cheap. But if you shop carefully, you'll find some great bargains that you can pick up for a buck apiece. If you're buying in quantities larger than 50 or so, you might even be able to work out a lower price.

What sort of things are you looking for? Silver plated mirror frames, crystal votive candle holders and ceramic boxes are all pretty easy to find at dollar stores. In fact, if you hit the stores right, you'll often find many of the exact same 'bridal favor' items that you'll pay 3 and 4 times as much for in a bridal 'boutique'.

Cheap Bridal Favor Strategy 2: Make It Yourself

Drop in at the local party supply shop and look around for inspiration. You can pick up 12 or 16 inch tulle circles in nearly every color of the rainbow, and bags of Jordan almonds by the pound. Print personalized tags on your computer using wedding clip art and software, and use real satin ribbon to tie them up.

Or be creative. Make handmade origami boxes to use as candy holders - and choose an unusual candy. Theme it to the season. If it's October, use candy corn. In the spring, fill your candy boxes with jelly beans. Having a nautical wedding? Pick up a box of salt water taffy. It's not difficult to step beyond the common and give the ordinary cheap wedding favor an extraordinary twist.

Cheap Bridal Favor Strategy 3: Be Imaginative

Take a step away from the traditional tulle and lace wedding shower favors. You can take your cue from your wedding theme.

If you're holding the shower in the garden, for example, buy a bag of wildflower seed at the garden shop, and glassine envelopes at the office supply store. Fill each envelope with a few teaspoons of the wildflower seeds and print up poem cards on your computer with the shower date, the bride's name and a little poem about how to grow love.

Cheap Bridal Favor Strategy 4: Shop Online

Bridal favors and planning web sites are among the most popular businesses on the web. Shop around online for the best prices on cheap bridal favors. If you shop carefully, you can find wedding favors for as little as a few dollars each.

Any one of the strategies above can help you keep your bridal shower budget under control without sacrificing style. Cheap bridal favors don't have to LOOK cheap to be inexpensive.