Great Bridal Showers

What's the Word on Bridal Shower Wording?

Deciding on the bridal shower wording for your invitations can be a bit maddening. What kind of style are you shooting for? Design? Color? Do you have a theme set for the bridal shower already? Do want something utilitarian that just gives the information in a straightforward manner or do you want to liven things up a bit? Never knew that the bridal shower wording for invitations could be so complicated, did you?

Let's think theme first. Often times, the theme of the bridal shower carries over into the invitations and all of the activities planned for the event. For instance, if you are planning a ladies luncheon or afternoon tea, that theme lends itself to a more time-honored, classy style of invitation. In turn, your bridal shower wording should reflect that style. Nothing cute or rhyming would be appropriate in this context.

This traditional style is the easiest when it comes to bridal shower wording. Just make sure that you include all of the pertinent information that guests will need. Date, time, place, hostess name and phone number for RSVPs and who the shower is honoring.

If you have the room and find it appropriate, include where the bride is registered for gifts. Take all that information and create your bridal shower wording. One way to start is using a simple, "Please join us for a Bridal Shower honoring [Bride's Name]" or "Join us in celebration of [Bride's Name] and [Groom's Name] upcoming marriage with a Bridal Shower."

If the bride needs kitchen items, then the theme for the bridal shower could have something to do with cooking or kitchens. The invitations and bridal shower wording should reflect this theme. This task can be a little more challenging. Poems or rhymes are definitely appropriate this time!

Brainstorm some kitchen and cooking terms first. Cooking, baking, chop, stir, fry, recipe, dish, kitchen sink, oven, spice, whip, pots and pans are few that come to mind quickly. Using those words or any others that you come up with, start creating an outline of what you want to say.

Make sure that all the important details are covered! Here is one way to start your bridal shower wording:

"We're whipping something up, it's called a bridal shower. [Bride's Name] is being honored, it's her finest hour!"

Will one more example help?

"Dishes and pots plus appliances with power, you are invited to a kitchen bridal shower!"

Of course, the bridal shower doesn't necessarily have to use a theme. However, you still want the bridal shower wording on your invitation to be fun.

What kind of ideas can you use? Think of what marriage means - a new start, commitment, wedding, love, vows and sharing. Try incorporating some of those concepts.

Here's one: "It's bridal shower time and the wedding is soon, so let's honor [Bride's Name], starting at twelve noon!"

Or, how about this:

"Life is like a book, and one chapter ends. Let's honor [Bride's Name] before the next chapter begins!"

A little creativity is all it takes when crafting your bridal shower wording. Remember to consider the theme and the mood you want to convey. And when in doubt, cruise the internet for more ideas!