Great Bridal Showers

Get Creative with a Bridal Shower Umbrella

One of the most popular bridal shower motifs is the bridal shower umbrella - for obvious reasons. Lacy parasols with flowers and ribbons are used as shower decorations or in wedding favors, and used as decorating motifs for tables and walls. They show up as decorations on the bridal shower cake, containers for candy mints and wedding almonds and honeycomb paper centerpieces for the buffet table or to hang overhead.

Wedding cakes tend to be very traditional, but you can go to town with the bridal shower cake. A bridal shower umbrella cake is easy to make, and makes a great centerpiece for a bridal shower buffet table.

While you can go out and buy a shaped cake pan to create and decorate a bridal shower umbrella cake, all it takes is some fancy knife work, a firm, non-crumbly cake and a careful hand to create a beautiful umbrella cake to serve at a bridal shower.

You can start with a 1/2 sheet cake - pound cake works very well for cakes that are cut and reassembled. Measure 12 inches along the bottom and top edge and mark it. Draw an arc from the corner of the top to the 12 inch mark on the bottom.

Do the same on the opposite corner to the 12 inch mark on the top. Carefully cut along the arc to create two 1/4 circles. Assemble the two 1/4 circles into a half circle at the top of a 24" cake board. Use royal icing to 'glue' the two haves together.

From the remaining cake, cut an umbrella handle shape and place on the cake board in position. Glue with royal icing. Roll out royal fondant icing 1/4 inch thick and cut shapes to match the bridal shower umbrella cake base. Lay over cake and press to sides to cover cake completely before frosting.

Frost bridal shower umbrella cake with white icing and sprinkle with shredded coconut for a 'lacy' effect. Decorate the handle of the umbrella with royal icing roses and ribbons in the wedding colors.

Pipe 'ribs' on cake top with colored icing, and pipe a cluster of rosettes at the tip of each umbrella rib. At the center of the top of the umbrella, pipe a cluster of ribbons and roses, bringing ribbons down to curl along the umbrella top.

Carry the theme throughout the rest of the decorations. Pick up little plastic umbrellas at a wedding party supply store and fill with candy mints, or choose soaps in umbrella shapes.

For a very special hostess gift that fits the theme, rent a bridal shower umbrella. Roll dollar bills into thin tubes and tie with ribbon, leaving enough to dangle the bills by. Using the ribbons, tie the dollar bills to the metal ribs of the umbrella.

Close the umbrella, making sure to tuck all the bills inside. When the bride-to-be opens the umbrella at the bridal shower, she'll be 'showered' with money.

There are many other ways to incorporate a bridal shower umbrella into your bridal shower decorations. Be creative, and have fun!