Great Bridal Showers

Create Your Own Bridal Shower Towel Cake

No one is quite sure where it originated, but the bridal shower towel cake has become one of the most popular bridal shower crafts and gifts. The bridal shower towel cake uses a set of pure white towels - bath towels, hand towels and face cloths - to fashion a beautifully decorated 'wedding cake' that can serve as a focal point on the buffet table, or be given as a gift from the hostess to the bride.

The bridal shower towel cake is a clever and unusual gift to give the bride-to-be, and it's easy to make! It doesn't take any special skills or tools - just a set of towels, some flowers and decorations and about an hour to assemble it all into a beautiful wedding take to grace the table at the wedding shower.

To Make a Bridal Shower Towel Cake you'll need:

2 white bath towels
2 white hand towels
2 white facecloths
An assortment of decorative floral soaps
Silk flowers
1 inch wide White satin ribbon
Strings of craft pearls in white or wedding colors
Safety pins
Clear Plate

1. Fold the white bath towels in thirds. Starting at the end of one bath towel, roll it toward the other end. When you reach the end of the first towel, tuck the end of the second just behind the end of the first, and continue wrapping. You can use safety pins to secure the two towels to be sure that they'll stay together. The bath towel coil forms the bottom layer of the bridal shower towel cake.

2. Wrap a length of white ribbon around the center of the towel coil, using it to hide the safety pins. Set the bottom layer of the 'cake' on the clear plate.

3. Using the hand towels, fold them in thirds and coil them in the same way you did the first layer of the bridal shower towel cake. Secure with pins, wrap with ribbon, and center on the first layer.

4. Make the top layer in the same way, using the face cloths. Center the top layer of the bridal shower towel cake on top of the second layer, and get ready to have fun decorating.

5. Start with the strings of pearls if you choose to use them. Tuck one end of a string between the coils of a layer of cake and drape artfully around the layer, tucking into the towels to hold where necessary.

6. Tuck hostess soaps in floral shapes into the folds between the coiled towels, nestling them into the layers as decorative 'frosting flowers'. Add silk flowers in the wedding colors arranged evenly around each layer.

7. Top with a wedding cake topper, if you choose, or with a cluster of silk flowers.

Voila! You can use small safety pins and ribbons to ensure that the bridal shower towel cake will hold together through transportation, hiding them behind ribbons or flowers. The bridal shower towel cake is sure to be a hit at the wedding shower, and remembered by the bride for years to come.