Great Bridal Showers

Can You Use a Bridal Shower Tip or Two?

Congratulations on landing the job of hosting your friend's bridal shower! Can you use a bridal shower tip or two? If so, read on. Hopefully, some of the following tips will help you on your quest to planning a successful event.

Bridal Shower Tip #1

It's all about the bride! Seek her assistance in deciding on a theme. With the theme in place, you will have a better idea on the rest of the planning. The bride can also give you some help on the guest list. You want to make sure that all the people attending the shower are also invited to the wedding.

Bridal Shower Tip #2

Invitations set the tone for the event. See tip #1 about the theme. If the theme is going to be a classy elegant tea party, your invitations are going to reflect that elegance by using linen papers or cardstock with a flowing script. However, if your theme is more of a casual thing like "How Does Your Garden Grow," then go for bold colors, handmade papers with great texture to them and funky fonts.

Bridal Shower Tip #3

Timing is everything. Check the bride's schedule to determine possible open dates on her calendar. The bridal shower should be six to eight weeks before the wedding. Confirm that all the information on the invitation is correct – the date, time, location, phone numbers, gift registry information – before you approve a proof for the printers or creating them yourself. Make sure you mail the invitations in plenty of time so guests have at least two to three weeks to RSVP.

Bridal Shower Tip #4

Make things as simple as possible. For the menu, go the finger foods route or appetizers, something easy to eat while mingling with shower guests. If you are determined to provide a meal, make it a buffet and have everyone serve themselves. Order the bridal shower cake instead of trying to make it yourself. Serve water, coffee, tea and punch.

Bridal Shower Tip #5

Follow your theme when planning decorations and party favors. Building on the "How Does You Garden Grow" theme, use wildflowers and greenery in pretty vases, float flowers in bowls of water or sprinkle flower petals along the tables. Party favors could be packets of flower seeds with a note attached saying, "Plant me in honor of [Bride's Name]." Put the date of the bridal shower on it as well.

Bridal Shower Tip #6

Recruit assistants! If you can afford it, have a maid clean your home to free you up for last-minute bridal shower activities. Ask some of the bridesmaids to come early and help you decorate. Assign someone to write down all the gifts the bride receives as well as who gave them to her. This information will help the bride be able to personalize the thank-you cards to each guest's gift.

Planning a bridal shower can be a rather involved process. These basic bridal shower tips should give you a better idea of what you will encounter along the way. Good luck on your bridal shower quest!