Great Bridal Showers

Tips for the Bridal Shower Thank You Card

You have opened the gifts and gotten them home, now it is time to write a bridal shower thank you card for each of your guests. They took the time to choose special gifts for you and attended a bridal shower in your honor. It is the bride's job to make sure that each guest is thanked properly. What better way than with a bridal shower thank you card or bridal shower thank you note.

Be personal. Using common pre-printed thank you cards is not acceptable. If possible, have thank you cards that match your bridal shower invitation. Or, use personal stationery to write a bridal shower thank you note. Sometimes, you can order stationery at little to no cost when you order the wedding invitations.

Good manners state that you should take no longer than a week to get the thank you card or note in the mail. Also, you should write the thank you's yourself. Do not recruit anyone else to help!

Brides, a great idea is for you to get a copy of the guest address list from the bridal shower hostess. They have all the mailing information they used to send invitations to the guests. This way, you will have the addresses in hand and not have to look them up.

Or, these days, some hostesses have the guests write their name and address on the outer envelope of a bridal shower thank you card at the event. Not only would this save you some time, but the addresses would definitely be correct because the guest themselves wrote them!

The hostess should have assigned someone at the bridal shower to keep track of all the gifts you received as well as who the giver of the gift was. You cannot depend on the gift cards to be matched up correctly with the gifts, so this list will help you in personalizing each bridal shower thank you card or bridal shower thank you note.

Personally writing your thank you cards by hand is expected and the right thing to do. Using the gift list, be sure to make references to each gift received when writing the bridal shower thank you card. Sometimes, you may have received similar gifts but in different colors or patterns. Be sure when you write your bridal shower thank you note that you thank the guest for the correct gift!

In your bridal shower thank you card duties, do not neglect to thank the hostess of the bridal shower as well as anyone else who helped plan the event. They opened their home and spent money throwing the party, so they should really receive a bridal shower thank you note, something a little more personal than a card.

It can be so easy to slack off a little after the bridal shower. However, the quicker you tackle the thank you's, the better. Your guests will know that their gift to you was appreciated and you will have a sense of accomplishment at finishing that last bridal shower thank you card. Now you have wedding thank you cards to look forward to writing next!