Great Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Teas Planned to a "T"

Bridal shower teas are a perfect setting for the bride and her new lady in-laws to become more familiar with each other before the wedding. This is also the perfect time for the bride to thank her bridesmaids and present them with token gifts for not only serving as her attendants but also for their friendship and assistance with wedding planning details.

Bridal shower teas tend to be a bit more formal than other showers. Be prepared for something similar to a garden luncheon and dressing up for the occasion in a pretty dress. Tea is a given as well as lighter, more dainty foods.

If you are the bridal shower hostess and want to plan a bridal shower tea, be primed for extra work and expense. There are certain accoutrements that are involved that may have to be borrowed from family and friends or even rented. Such items include: special sterling tea services or china tea pots, china plates and other tableware, tiered serving dishes, pedestal cake servers and pretty table linens.

When planning for bridal shower teas, the location is important. You can have this event professionally catered by a tea room equipped to deal with all the details. Or plan the event yourself and have it in your back yard where you have a pretty patio and garden.

Another option is to check with your local Parks and Recreation office to see how much it would cost for using the local park's gardens and gazebo. If deciding on a local park, just remember two things: you cannot control the weather and you have to provide tables, chairs and other setup furniture, which can become costly if you have to rent them.

Decorations are also another thing to focus on in your quest to put on a bridal shower tea. Opt for the bride's wedding colors as your inspiration and use it in flower centerpieces and linens. Choose small easy to care for house plants as your centerpieces and wrap the plant pots in tulle or ribbon. At the end of the bridal shower tea, each guest gets to take home one of the small plants as their party favor.

The menu should be planned as a buffet for any bridal shower teas. It is easy and cuts down on labor. Food should be light and easy on the stomach.

Finger sandwiches, canapés and scones are popular for bridal shower teas. Fruit, quiches, muffins, tarts and cookies are additional choices. Be sure to have a variety of jams, jellies, flavored butters and other accompaniments too.

As for the purpose of the event, the tea itself should be served appropriately for proper presentation. Perhaps you could hire a few students eager to earn a few dollars to serve the tea or have two choices of tea at each table and have the guests serve themselves. In addition, keep several varieties of tea steeped and ready to go at the buffet tables.

You can make the bridal shower tea as formal or as informal as you like. Sterling silver tea sets and bone china are more lending to formal bridal shower teas, whereas, chintz teapots and traditional tableware is more informal. It is all in the presentation.