Great Bridal Showers

Express Your Sentiments... With a Bridal Shower Saying

During the bridal shower process, you may need a bridal shower saying that expresses just the right sentiment. Luckily, the topic of weddings and any terms related to the bride and groom are plentiful. With a clever play on words, you can come up with a multitude of sayings!

The key to creating something unique is to brainstorm any words that pertain to marriage, weddings, brides, grooms, couples and love. There are many more wedding related words, but those give you a good guideline.

One of the times when you might need a bridal shower saying is for the invitation. You want to let everyone know in a clever way that the bride is getting married and they are invited to celebrate with her at a bridal shower in her honor.

How about a play on words from an actual wedding ceremony? Think of some popular phrases you can work into a poem or rhyme for the invitation. "To have and to hold," "love, honor and cherish" and "till death do us part" are just a few thoughts.

There are also some other marriage quotes that might be helpful in creating your own bridal shower saying. "Tying the knot," "two become one" and taking the plunge" come to mind.

Party favors for the shower often have little tags with bridal shower sayings. They usually reflect on the bride's upcoming wedding and echo the theme of the bridal shower.

For instance, if you are having an oriental theme and give the guests fortune cookies in one of those cute take-out boxes, the bridal shower saying could say something like "May fortune always shine down on our bride, guided by love with the groom by her side."

You can have fun with bridal shower sayings. Create a party game where you have to talk to one another using nothing but wedding terms or phrases.

If you think that is a little too hard, maybe come up with some well-known sayings and create a game where you give one half of the phrase and the guests have to come up with the other half to complete the bridal shower saying. For instance, you would say "to have and to hold" and the guests would have to come up with "from this day forward."

Of course, if shower plans have you too harried to sit with pen and paper to brainstorm and create your own sayings, the internet is filled with a variety of sources to help you in your quest for the perfect bridal shower saying. Before you conduct your search, think about how you are going to use the bridal shower saying. Is it for the invitation? Visit online stationery stores. Do a search for bridal poems. If it is for wedding favors, look for websites selling wedding supplies.

Of course, you can also send out an S.O.S. to any friends and family who may have a flair for words. No matter what you decide in your quest for a bridal shower saying, the bride will be tickled that you made the effort to make her bridal shower a special one.