Great Bridal Showers

Don't Knock a Good Bridal Shower Punch

To booze or not to booze, that is a bridal shower punch question, one of several actually! You got some of the hard part over in your bridal shower planning who to invite, theme and mailing the invitations. Now you have to worry about what is going to happen at the event itself. What do we eat? What do we do for fun? And should you use Aunt Bertha's bridal shower punch recipe?

First of all, do you even want to bother with making the bridal shower punch? How many people will actually drink it? Examine your budget for the bridal shower.

You know that some people will not like all of the refreshments offered. So you try to accommodate the large percentage that is not so picky. Water, tea, coffee and soda are the drink basics. Will your budget be able to handle the extra supplies needed to make a few bowls of punch?

Ask the bride if she has her heart set on having a bridal shower punch. Be prepared for the "it's tradition to have punch at the shower" line. Since this event is all about the bride, start searching through your cookbooks and on the internet for bridal shower punch recipes.

Because there is a multitude of punch recipes, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, you have the honor of deciding which one you get to serve at the shower. Take a look at your guest list. Will there be children in attendance? What about the older folks who cannot imbibe alcoholic beverages because it interferes with their medication? The best recourse is a non-alcoholic bridal shower punch.

Keep the theme in mind too when deciding on the flavor of the bridal shower punch. If you are having a beach theme, then tropical flavors would work great. If you are having a luncheon or garden theme, a punch made with champagne or seltzers are fitting.

Also, think about the fruits that are in season. The cost of the ingredients would be cheaper. Fruits in the frozen foods section are another option too. You would not have to worry about if something is in season or not.

The great thing about bridal shower punch recipes is that most of them are based on lemon-lime carbonated drinks, seltzers or ginger ale. Juices are also another liquid base for the bridal shower punch. Pineapple juice is popular and provides a tangy zing. Orange juice is also used as well as more exotic flavors like guava, papaya and mango.

Because you will be busy the day of the event, you can make most of the bridal shower punch ahead of time and freeze it. Then, the day of the event, it is all a matter of assembling the ingredients together. To make the most of the presentation of the punch, slice lemons, limes and/or orange slices and float them in the punch.

Deciding to use Aunt Bertha's bridal shower punch recipe is probably going to be the hardest part of this whole bridal shower punch business. But, there is a solution! Ask her to be in charge of those preparations. Chances are that she would be pleased as punch!