Great Bridal Showers

What are Your Bridal Shower Prize Options?

One of the most fun parts of a bridal shower is the party games. If you're planning games and need some bridal shower prize options, take a look at the list of bridal shower prize and game ideas below.

Bridal Shower Prize Ideas for Guessing Games

One fun bridal shower game is a guessing game - for the bride. Before the shower, have an accomplice quiz the groom to find out things like his favorite color, favorite television show, the name of his first childhood pet -- the more obscure the questions the better. Set up a How Well Does She Know Him pool. Let each guest 'buy' a number between 0 and the number of questions on the list of questions.

While the bride is opening her presents, ask her the questions and have someone keep track of the number of correct answers. The person who bought the correct number wins a prize. Some suggested prizes for this bridal shower game are a trio of hostess soaps (for a good clean game), a satin lingerie sachet (for coming out smelling like roses) or a silver thimble (for being sew smart).

For a variation of the How Well Does She Know Him game, make up Bingo cards using the numbers from 0 to the number of questions in the list. Hand out candy conversation hearts to use as bingo markers. Each time the bride answers a question correctly, guests cover the appropriate number on their card.

The first person to fill a line in any direction gets a bridal shower prize from the basket of prizes. You can keep this game going for a while - give out a prize for the first horizontal, four corners, vertical, diagonal and filled card. Some suggested prizes - personalized lip gloss tins, personalized mint tins, or a chocolate rose tied with a satin ribbon.

Bridal Shower Prize for Quiz Games

Quiz games are a lot of fun at bridal showers. They can be silly, or even downright naughty. Try a trivia game of popular songs, a matching game of famous couples or a list of the world's most romantic foods. Among the bridal shower prizes you can award the winners are floral bouquet notepads with matching pens, a bottle of sparkling wine and a pair of champagne glasses, or a satin lingerie bag.

Bridal Shower Prize Goodie Bag

You can assemble a bridal shower prize goodie bag starting weeks before the ceremony. Whenever you see something cute, romantic, pretty or otherwise suitable for giving out as a prize at the wedding shower, pick it up and wrap it, then drop it into a pretty satin bag.

Aim for enough little gifts to have one available for everyone at the shower. Some ideas for bridal shower prizes include sterling silver plated corkscrews, picture clips in fanciful shapes and bottles of scented bath salts. Be sure to pick up a variety of 'nice' gifts and gag gifts - mugs with silly sayings, for instance.

At the shower, gather everyone in a circle and start a guessing game. The first correct answer picks a gift from the bag. The second person to answer correctly has the choice of picking a prize from the goodie bag or taking the prize that person number one chose.

If they take the first person's bridal shower prize, the first person gets to choose again. The game continues until all the prizes are distributed, with each new correct answer getting to choose from all the gifts in the bag, or all those held by others. At the end of the game, everyone can unwrap their bridal shower prize and see what they ended up with.