Great Bridal Showers

The Bridal Shower Poem Collection

There's something about poetry that captures the heart. A bridal shower poem can be humorous, touching, sentimental, romantic or all of the above at once. Whether you're looking for a bridal shower poem to include with the wedding invitation, one to embroider for a special wall hanging, or something to read aloud at the bridal shower, you'll find some inspiration in the collection below.

Choose a bridal shower poem for the invitation...

For a Lingerie Shower

<Bride> and <Groom>
Sitting in a tree
We were peeking
<Groom> asked <Bride>
To wear his ring
And that's why
We're gathering
Because we know
That just one kiss
Ain't quite enough
For wedded bliss
Help <bride> and <groom>
To start off right
With a shower of gifts
For their wedding night!

A Sentimental Bridal Shower Poem

<Groom's name> was a little boy
Whose antics always brought us joy
Now he's grown and he has found
A girl who makes his world go round

Come join us on a special day
To meet <bride's name> and to say
For now and through eternity
Welcome to our family.

A Traditional Bridal Shower Poem For A Wishing Well Shower

Spices, detergents And gadgets galore, 
You have several dozen, But still could use more.
If you could bring Just one of these, 
Our bride to be You sure would please.
So wrap it in tissue paper But your name do not tell, 
It's just a little something for her wishing well.

A Bridal Shower Poem To Toast At A Couple's Shower

Here's to the groom, the man of the hour
For whom we hold this wedding shower
And here's to the bride, the lucky gal
Who's getting stuck with our old pal
If he gives you trouble, just give a shout
We'll be happy to straighten the old boy out.

There are a number of bridal shower activities that have to do with writing or reading a clever bridal shower poem. One way to keep guests entertained while the bride opens her gifts is to start a 'bridal shower poem'. Write a phrase about the bride at the top of a sheet of paper as if it were the start of a poem.

Pass the paper to the next guest, who writes the next line of the poem, then folds it over so that only her line shows and passes it on. The paper continues around the room that way, with each person writing a line of the bridal shower poem with only the last line as a reference. When the poem is finished, the maid of honor can read the hilarious results aloud.

Another popular variation on the bridal shower poem is to write a poem weaving in the names of well-known household products. It may read something like:

To my little LUCKY CHARM:
You put the LIFE in my day, and my GREAT MORNING is even better when I hear your CHEERIO!

Or perhaps...

The TIME has come for me to tell you ALL that's in my heart. You bring CHEER to my life even when the TIDE is turning against me. Meeting you has opened a new ERA in my life. I think you're just FANTASTIK, and PLEDGE to always be your DYNAMO.

If you're looking for other bridal shower poem examples, you can find them with a simple search. Reading or writing a bridal shower poem is one of the most popular activities for a bridal shower.