Great Bridal Showers

Let's Eat! Bridal Shower Menu Basics

Guest list check. Mailed invitations check. Bridal shower menu uh oh! What are you going to serve? Some of your decisions will be based on the theme of the bridal shower event. Other factors include the number of people you have to feed and the money you that is allocated in your budget for food.

In addition, you have to decide the format of your bridal shower menu. Will you have a sit-down dinner? How about a casual luncheon? The easiest option of course is finger foods. Finger foods allow the guests to graze throughout the bridal shower event and still visit and mingle.

Since you are worrying about the bridal shower menu, hopefully that means you already have the invitations in the mail. And if that is the case, you should have a theme already established. The bridal shower menu can reflect your theme.

For example, if the theme is a Mexican or fiesta idea, then chips and salsa is a prerequisite. You can also make a queso cheese dip that keeps great on a low setting in the crock pot. Guacamole is a must if avocados are in season. Mini quesadillas are easy finger food items that have a low mess factor.

If your bridal shower menu as an Asian influence, wontons are a great finger food. Egg rolls and crab puffs are easy to serve too. If you have a variety of dipping sauces available, then you are all set. Chicken teriyaki wings can be crowd pleasers. And don't forget the fortune cookies for a little added fun!

A luncheon is also conducive to finger foods. Deviled eggs and pasta salad are easy to prepare. The bridal shower menu may consist of finger sandwiches in a variety of flavors like chicken salad or ham and cheese. For a little diversity, the sandwiches could be on mini croissants or sourdough bread.

Fresh fruit and vegetable trays are easy to prepare. It is just a matter of chopping. You could even buy them pre-made at the supermarket to save time. Of course, dips are a must-have for the fruit and veggies.

As with any type of party, including a bridal shower, you should have a variety of chips and dips available. An assortment of crackers along with several kinds of cheese is sure to satisfy guests. The vegetable and fruit trays are not just good options for a luncheon, but for any type of bridal shower theme. And of course, the piece de resistance in the bridal shower menu the cake!

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning the bridal shower menu. People have food allergies and letting your guests know what some of the ingredients in the food might be helpful. For instance, if you are serving Asian food and one of the dipping sauces contains peanuts, have a small sign next to the serving bowl indicating the presence of peanut products. Also, those with allergies to seafood or shellfish will need to know if that seafood dip contains crabmeat or if the pasta salad has shrimp in it.

Ask the bridesmaids for help when planning the bridal shower menu. They should be a part of the planning and provide labor. Split the duties. Ask one bridesmaid to provide the veggie tray and another to make the dips. By delegating, you will have less to do on the day of the event and can enjoy some of the festivities.