Great Bridal Showers

Do's and Don'ts of the Bridal Shower Invite

Did you know there are rules about the bridal shower invite? When to send it, who to send it to, what it should say... Let's go through some of the do's and don'ts, shall we?

Do send the bridal shower invite about a month ahead of time. This gives you plenty of time to figure out the food, decorations and entertainment. Your guests are also less likely to forget about it in that short amount of time.

Don't have people on your bridal shower guest list unless they have also been invited to the wedding. It is considered rude and improper if you invite someone to the bridal shower but not to the wedding.

Do make sure to mail out one invitation per guest, no matter where they live. This means if the bride's great aunt Bertha lives in the same house as the bride's grandmother, you still need to send an invitation to each of them, regardless of address.

Do ask for the bride's input on the guest list. This way her close friends at work and at the gym will receive a bridal shower invite. Plus, she can provide you will the addresses of close family members as well as female family members on the groom's side of the family.

Don't overlook the theme in the bridal shower invite. If guests are stumped as to what clothing to wear or what type of gift to buy for the bride, the theme of the event can be relayed in the invitation, giving them guidance in these areas.

Do list the hostess's name and phone number. Guests want to be able to RSVP for the bridal shower and ask questions if needed. If there is room on the bridal shower invite, add an email address as well.

Don't forget to include the full address of the hostess's home or wherever the bridal shower is to be held. If a guest is unsure of the location, they can easily go online and use a map program to get driving directions.

Do include where the bride is registered for gifts. Some areas of the United States still consider this practice poor form. However, knowing what the bride truly needs for her new role as wife saves many phone calls to the hostess when it is time to shop for gifts.

Don't forget to ask the bridesmaids for input on the bridal shower invite. They are a valuable resource and can help you write the invitations and give you advice on the guest list too.

Do provide both the start time and end time of the bridal shower. This gives your out-of-town guests the information they need to plan their commute from their home. It also helps other guests plan their schedules for the day of the bridal shower.

When planning your bridal shower invite, keep in mind a few of these do's and don'ts. These rules will be your guide and help you avoid the pitfalls that befall many unsuspecting bridal shower planners.