Great Bridal Showers

All About The Bridal Shower Invitation

From choosing a bridal shower invitation to who should receive a bridal shower invitation, here's everything you need to know - plus a few fun things you can do with wedding shower invitations to add some extra spice to the wedding shower itself.

The big question, of course, is who should get a bridal shower invitation. Once upon a time, there was ONE bridal shower. It was usually hosted by a friend of the bride or all of her bridesmaids together.

There were careful rules of etiquette as to who should get an invitation to the bridal shower: the bride's female relatives? Just her close friends? Should Aunt Lucy get an invitation to the wedding shower if she wasn't invited to the wedding?

These days, things are a lot more relaxed. As often as not, a bride (and very often the groom) will have several bridal showers planned in her honor. One bridal shower may be thrown by her friends. A female relative of the groom may host another to introduce the new bride to the groom's side of the family. Coworkers may have yet a third.

In general, the answer to the question of who should get a wedding shower invitation these days is 'it depends on the wedding shower'. If it makes sense to invite them, then by all means include them in the invitation list.

The kind of bridal shower invitation to send is dependent on the kind of wedding shower you're holding. You can find anything from formal engraved wedding shower invitations to casual fill-in-the-blank note cards that suit any kind of wedding shower theme.

If you HAVE chosen a wedding shower theme, then choose a bridal shower invitation that fits the theme - and have a little fun with them. Sprinkle a little beach sand into wedding shower invitations for a beach-themed wedding shower, for instance, or include a white feather in a bridal shower invitation to an angel-themed wedding shower.

You can also use the bridal shower invitation to 'set up' for a bridal shower activity that you've planned. Some things to include in a bridal shower invitation might be:

  • A recipe card to be filled in with a favorite recipe and brought to the shower and added to the new bride's recipe box
  • A request for a photograph of the bride or groom to be added to a memory book of photographs which will be presented to the bride
  • A cotton quilt square to be decorated by the guest in some way and brought to the wedding shower and later assembled into a quilt or wall hanging for the new couple's home
  • An index card and the request to use it for a poem, wish or memory of the bride or groom to be read aloud at the wedding shower
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope and RSVP card

The bridal shower invitation that you send out can help set the tone for the party itself. Remember to include any information that the guests might need to make the day more fun for everyone, and follow up on sent invitations a week or so before the event if there's anyone who hasn't responded.