Great Bridal Showers

Writing A Bridal Shower Invitation Verse

Is creative writing your curse? Then read on for the basics in bridal shower invitation verse! If you are planning a bridal shower, chances are you are knee-deep in determining the guest list, food, decorations and more. The last thing you probably want to think about is writing that bridal shower invitation verse. It is not as hard as you think! Just grab a paper and pen and start writing a list of all the things you want to convey to your guests.

Imagine the kind of shower you will have. Do you have a particular theme? Will it be a casual affair or more formal where you have to dress up? The bridal shower invitation verse needs to reflect what your guests should anticipate.

For instance, if the shower is a surprise, the guests need to know so they don't let anything slip to the bride-to-be. The who, what, when and where's also have to be answered within the bridal shower invitation verse.

The Who

No, not the rock band! The hostess of the bridal shower needs to be named along with her phone number, so guests can call to RSVP. If you have enough room on the invitation, list an email address too.

The What

You have to let your guests know that they are invited to a bridal shower. This is the perfect opportunity to mention if there is a particular theme and if it extends to the gift-giving. You must include the bride's name that is being honored. The invitation should also mention gift registry information as well as a request to call and RSVP.

The When

The date and time of the event needs to be listed. It is a great idea to mention an approximate end time so that your guests can plan their schedules.

The Where

Usually the hostess's home, the place of the bridal shower is important. Include the full address: street address, city, state and zip code. Many people utilize online map programs for driving directions, so a full address is helpful. Consider making a map to the event and inserting it into the invitation.

Constructing the actual bridal shower invitation verse is where your creativity comes in. You can start with a cute poem or rhyme and combine it with a traditional verse format.

For instance, if the theme was all about gardening, think of some words reminiscent of that theme like flower, dirt, dig, plant, seeds and so on. Then try to come up with some words that rhyme like flower-power-tower or dirt-skirt-shirt-flirt or dig-jig-pig-big... you get the idea.

Using those words, start your verse with the purpose of the event a bridal shower. For example, "You plant a seed and it grows into a flower, so join in the fun for [Bride's Name's] bridal shower!" Continue with the details in a non-rhyming format. "Help us celebrate on [Date] at [Time] at [Address]." From here, you can just fill in the rest of the information.

You can be traditional throughout your bridal shower invitation verse. Just simply state all the needed information for your event in a logical format. Or liven things up a bit and make the entire invitation a poem or rhyme, everything from date and time to the location and RSVP information. This way is a little more challenging, but you would begin the same way as the combination verse, except you continue your rhyme throughout the invitation.

Once you start composing, the words will start to flow. Gone is your creative writing curse, now you can write bridal shower invitation verse!