Great Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Invitation Template Options

Want to create your own invites using a bridal shower invitation template? As the bridal shower planner, there are a variety of details that you have to keep track of and chances are you probably want to watch your expenses. One way to do that is using a bridal shower invitation template to create your own.

There are several things to think about before you start creating the invitation. First, how many people do you plan to invite? If you are unsure about the guest list, consult the bride for help or if it is a surprise, ask the bride's mom, sister or close family member for guidance. You want to know how many invitations you will be making.

Secondly, what is the bridal shower theme? Knowing the theme will help you when you choose your bridal shower invitation template. Does the bride have a hobby or partake in a particular activity with her husband-to-be?

For example, if the bride likes to garden, then "Flower Power" can be the theme. Or, if she and the groom love to cook, then the theme "A Recipe for Love" is a great idea. Your theme will help you choose the right paper and colors.

Now you are ready to create your invitation! There are so many options in bridal shower invitation templates. First of all, check the software programs on your computer. Chances are you will have a program like Microsoft Publisher that has pre-installed templates, including invitations that are customizable to your requirements.

You can choose from various card folds and colors. There is a variety of clipart to choose from or you may insert your own pictures. Best of all, there are margin guides that help you keep your design within the printing specifications.

When using the computer for your bridal shower invitation template, think about the correct paper or card stock that is most appropriate. Solid colors and little to no texture in the paper would be the best bet for designs with a lot of pictures or graphics that have to be printed.

Also, keep in mind that when printing the entire invitation from your computer, you will likely use up a lot of ink in your printer. You have two options: one, buy extra cartridges for printing; or two, print one master invitation, and then reproduce the appropriate number of copies at a local copy service store.

The internet is another option when choosing your bridal shower invitation template. Many sites nowadays offer free template downloads that are compatible with various computer programs. You can either download a design program to create your own invitation or design it online then download it onto your computer.

Pre-made stationery and papers are also an alternative. You choose the specific color scheme and/or theme. Then, all you have to do is "fill in the blanks" on the bridal shower details and print them, using your computer and printer at home. This choice will often come with a software template that is specific to your stationery choice.

One last thing... do not forget the envelopes! If you want to customize your mailing envelope, it is possible to do this on the computer. However, handwriting the envelopes are more personal.

Just remember that it will take a little research in choosing your bridal shower invitation template. However, all your efforts will have been worth it after hearing the bride exclaim over all your hard work in making the invitation a special one.