Great Bridal Showers

How to Choose a Bridal Shower Invitation Poem

When you choose a bridal shower invitation poem, it is important to know what you want to convey to the guests who receive the invitation. Poetry can rhyme, be inspirational or tell a story. You can incorporate a poem into your bridal shower invitation in a variety of ways.

Remember that poetry can invoke a mood. You can choose to incorporate your bridal shower invitation poem in the beginning of the invitation, where it can serve as an introduction to the actual details of the event. For instance, if you have an invitation card, this poem can be on the front cover or inside the front cover. The inside back cover should be reserved for the shower details.

When you choose to have a stand alone poem, do you want to share your relationship and what the bride means to you? How about a short poem that tells a story about the bride? Or, your bridal shower invitation poem could impart a few words of wisdom about the impending nuptials. Then comes the all-important question do you write your own poem or do you choose someone else's work?

If you choose to select a poem written by someone else, there are a variety of sources on the internet for inspiration. You can type into any search engine the theme you want your poem to express.

It can be fun and quirky like finding the toilet seat up now that the courtship is over or remembering a new last name. The theme of your bridal shower invitation poem could impart a few words of wisdom about marriage like never going to bed angry or the secrets to a great marriage.

If you decide to write your own poem, brainstorm and come up with a few ideas you might want to share. One great idea is to write a chronological poem if you have known the bride for years. If you are her sister or best friend, you will definitely have plenty of ammunition...err, stories that you can draw from.

Another way to incorporate a bridal shower invitation poem is to draft the entire invitation to read like a poem. It can be a bit tricky to include all the details but it can be done! Your best bet should you decide to go this route is to write out every little aspect like who is hosting the event, the date of the shower, start and end times, the bride's name, address and phone numbers.

Even RSVP and gift registry information can be incorporated into the poem. When you see all the specifics on paper that you have to relay to guests, you can start to think of rhyming words for them. For instance, the time of five o'clock rhymes with block and shock. And if the address contains the word street, it rhymes with sweet, treat and feat.

Regardless of your choice, the bride will appreciate your bridal shower invitation poem. Your efforts will show her how much you care and add that personal touch to the event. Happy writing!