Great Bridal Showers

Something Different... For Your Bridal Shower Invitation Idea

Did you wake up in the middle of the night with a bridal shower invitation idea? You better have written it down! There are a plethora of choices when it comes to those invites and by having some small inkling of what you are looking for, your search is so much easier! But you did not write down that bridal shower invitation idea did you?

Let us start at the beginning then. As with all great bridal shower invitation ideas, you should always commence with a theme. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

This pesky theme thing follows you no matter what you do when planning a shower! But you know something? Having a theme guides you in everything you are preparing, from food to games to gifts and yes, even invitations.

Sometimes, working backwards in your planning gives you a great bridal shower invitation idea. For example, you know the bride just loves pizza. Therefore, you decide to have it at the event, creating your own pizza party where everyone builds their own in a personal pan size.

How can your invitations reflect this theme? Rest assured that finding pizza bridal shower invitations is not going to happen. So guess what? You can make your own! If you have a little creativity and time, crafting your own invitation could be a great option. Your local paper and art stores will have all sorts of supplies to create a pizza invitation.

Carrying on with the pizza party theme, another bridal shower invitation idea could be to find invitations with an Italian theme, whether it reflects actual places in Italy or cooking Italian food. Conveying the pizza party theme would then be all in the wording you use in the invitation.

Themes onward ho! Where does the bride have her gift registry? These days, the bride and groom usually are combining households so they don't need much in the way of house wares.

It is considered the "in" thing to do these days to register for gifts at a local home and garden improvement store. Building on that, a lawn and garden bridal shower invitation idea has possibilities.

Consider taking pictures of trees and flowers. Even better, ask the bride to take off her shoes and walk barefoot in lush green grass. To get some innovative pictures, you should lie down on the ground and take some photos of the bride from the shin area on down.

Have her wear an anklet or even a toe ring to give the photo a funky vibe. Use this picture to create the front cover of your invitation. It is unique, personal and a great bridal shower invitation idea.

No right or wrong answers exist when brainstorming bridal shower invitation ideas. Be sure that the invitation mirrors the theme of the event in some way or shows the bride's personality. And keep a pen and paper handy next to your bed! The next time you have a dream about the perfect bridal shower invitation idea, you'll be able to jot it down before falling back asleep!