Great Bridal Showers

Alternatives to a Bridal Shower Guest Book

A bridal shower guest book is one way to preserve the memories of the wedding day. It can be passed around so that each of the guests can record a special wish for the bride's happiness, or simply sign their names.

Among other things, the bridal shower guestbook can be a big help when it comes time to write out thank you's for the shower gifts. You can buy a bridal shower guest book to match the decor that you've chosen, or one that has a traditional bridal shower theme.

Some bridal shower guest books are lavishly embellished with lace and silk frills, and have a matching pen for signing. Others are far more understated, with a white on white design of seashells or wedding bells.

Most often, the bridal shower guest book is placed on a podium or table near the door. One of the tasks that can be assigned to a flower girl or junior bridesmaid is to take the guest book around to all the tables later in the day to make sure that all the guests have signed it.

Lately, there's been a tendency to create guest book 'substitutes' for wedding showers. Memory quilts and recipe boxes can serve the same purpose as the guest book, and offer a fun and different activity for wedding shower guests. If you're looking for a non-traditional alternative to a bridal shower guest book, try one of these ideas to create a very special memory for your bride to be.

Wedding Shower Recipe Box

Instead of a bridal shower guest book, place a decorated recipe box at the entrance to the hall or party room. When you send out the invitations, enclose a recipe card, and ask each guest to write down their favorite recipe for the bride, and be sure to sign it with a best wishes message.

Guests can leave their recipe card in the box instead of signing a guest book. Be sure to provide a few blank cards for guests who've forgotten or might want to just add a special wish for a happy life.

Wedding Shower Memory Cloth

At Chinese weddings, it's customary for the table at the hall's entry to be covered with a silk 'memory cloth'. The table may hold wedding favors and seating cards - but it also holds several permanent fabric markers. As guests arrive, they sign the wedding cloth with their names and special wishes.

At the end of the evening, the cloth is folded and presented to the bride as a memory of her day. The wedding memory cloth often has a place of honor in the new couple's home. While it's a wedding tradition, it's a great alternative to a traditional bridal shower guest book as well.

Bridal Shower Quilt Blocks

A special idea for a family that boasts an avid quilter is a bridal shower guest quilt. Simply distribute plain white quilt blocks to each table, and provide an assortment of fabric pens and markers for the guests to design a 'memory block' for the quilt. The blocks can be used as is, or embroidered over to add a special touch to each quilt block before piecing the entire thing into a quilt or wall hanging.

If you want to give the bride to be a special reminder of her wedding shower and all her friends and family, making something special of the bridal shower guest book can offer a very personal, loving gift.