Great Bridal Showers

How to Make Bridal Shower Gift Suggestions

The moment you send out invitations, people will start calling to ask for bridal shower gift suggestions. It never fails - after all, if you know the bride well enough to throw the shower, you certainly should know what the bride would like as a bridal shower gift.

It's probably a good idea to know what the bride and groom would like or need so that you can make good bridal shower gift suggestions. Here are some ideas that you can offer when people call to ask.

Has the bride registered with a gift registry? If she has - either online or with a local store - your job will be an easy one. Just refer anyone who calls asking for bridal shower gift suggestions to the gift registry.

If she hasn't - perhaps you could talk her into it. While some people feel that using a gift registry is almost like asking for presents, it can be a great way to make sure that people get the bride and groom things that they really want and like. There are even some great online wedding gift registries that aren't affiliated with a specific merchant or type of gift.

Make up a list of things that you know the bride wants or needs. Some things of which you should definitely make a note: china and silverware patterns, favorite colors, the colors of her kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and appliances or kitchenware that you know she needs.

It should be easy enough to find out the things you don't' know without giving away the surprise of the wedding shower - after all, you don't have to mention bridal shower gift at all. Just casually ask if she's picked out colors for her bathroom yet - believe me, if she's decorating, it won't seem odd to her at all that you're asking.

Avoid the whole situation by throwing a themed bridal shower and making bridal shower gift suggestions with the invitation. Have a kitchen-themed wedding shower, for instance, and suggest that guests bring a gift that they can't do without in their kitchen. Or a bed and bath bridal shower, to help her stock up on linens and towels and bath goodies.

If you know of a large gift that the bride and groom need, suggest that everyone pitch in and buy it for them. When my brother got married, all the sisters-in-law pitched in to buy a new vacuum cleaner for the couple's new apartment. Not all 'pitch-in' gifts have to be so practical though. Another friend got all the bridesmaids together and as a group they bought matching bicycles for the bride and groom as a bridal shower gift.

Sit down and make up a list of unusual gifts that you can suggest to people. Most people automatically think kitchen and house wares when they're coming up with bridal shower gift ideas. Spend half an hour coming up with unusual gift ideas that you know the bride would love - but would never buy for herself.

Some ideas? A gift certificate for a pedicure, her favorite movie on DVD - with a tin of gourmet popcorn, a bottle of vintage wine and two fine crystal glasses, or a shopping spree gift certificate - along with an invitation to lunch and a day of shopping.