Great Bridal Showers

In Step with Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

I can't help but think back to when I was searching for some bridal shower gift ideas a few years ago. A friend of mine was getting married, but she had everything she needed. The bride and husband-to-be were combining households so they had the requisite linens, towels, kitchen items and such. What do you get the bride that has everything already?

I started thinking of alternate bridal shower gift ideas. What were her hobbies? Did the bride and groom share any particular interests?

They both loved to experiment with new cuisines. They were health conscious and watched what they ate. They walked every night and were active in outdoor activities like walking, hiking and camping.

I hit upon the idea of health and fitness. Then I started brainstorming on a variety of things that fit into the healthy living lifestyle theme that might fit in with some bridal shower gift ideas.

I thought healthy kitchen ideas first. Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was one of those countertop indoor grills. My thoughts segued into a new spice rack with exotic spices to try along with a new cookbook with various foods from around the world.

Next on my mental radar was exercise paraphernalia. The bride and groom did a lot of walking, so maybe a matching pedometer set might be in keeping with a great bridal shower gift idea? Perhaps matching wind suits with reflective material for safety? How about flashlights for those night time excursions?

I remembered the bride had mentioned wanting to take up yoga or pilates. Maybe instructional videos would be a good gift.

I continued brainstorming for more ideas when I found out that the soon-to-be wedded couple was planning a honeymoon to several camping destinations. Cool camping stuff is great for a bridal shower gift idea!

I thought about creating a gift basket with tools for cooking over the fire along with matches and fire starter. I could also put in mosquito spray, water repellant and citronella candles. A cooler to store food and drink is a practical gift too.

Or, instead of a gift basket, a set of cast iron skillets for cooking over the campfire would be useful. A self inflatable air mattress might be desirable instead of sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping bag.

My quest for the perfect bridal shower gift idea brought me back to one of my first thoughts in my first brainstorming session. The bride and groom loved trying new cuisine. I thought of creating a small gift basket with a few funky cooking gadgets along with some gift certificates to restaurants they had not tried.

In the end, I decided to pool my resources with a friend and get the bride the countertop grill for her kitchen, along with a cookbook of recipes specifically for that grill. Because thinking of some great bridal shower gift ideas was tough, I passed along a few of my other ideas to the hostess of the bridal shower. She gratefully accepted my brainstorming results and passed them along to other bridal shower guests.

The result? The bride received a thoughtful, eclectic mix of gifts. Now she truly does have everything.