Great Bridal Showers

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Giving a bridal shower gift basket is a fun and creative idea. What better way for the bride to get all sorts of goodies to start her new household? By picking a theme, you can focus on one particular area of gift giving to make it easier to fill the basket with treats.

Assembling a bridal shower gift basket can, at first, be daunting. What are you going to put in it? Will she like it? Does she need it? Can the bride use the items more than once? If you are stumped about what you can fill the basket with, give the bridal shower hostess a call. She should have some ideas.

Check to see if the bride signed up with a gift registry. What did she register for? Are her needs only in a few select areas or does she need items for every room in her home?

For instance, did she sign up for gifts only in kitchen and house wares or does she have a need for linens and towels too? How about home improvement tools and gadgets? Is there a particular color scheme for her home?

Narrow down your choices and decide what area you want to focus your theme on. For example, should you decide to focus on linens and towels, choose an old-fashioned wicker hamper or clothing basket to put all your goodies in.

Check her gift registry and perhaps choose two bath towels or a set of sheets for the bridal shower gift basket. Then find items of your own choosing that would complement them.

Your linens and towels bridal shower gift basket can include fabric softener to make her sheets and towels fluffy when she washes them. Put some fragrant sachets in the basket so the bride can store them in her linen closet to keep her towels and sheets smelling fresh all the time. Stash in the bridal shower gift basket a few laundry bags to wash delicate items in the washing machine.

You can also create a bridal shower gift basket focusing solely on the bride. Pamper her! If you find out her favorite scent is vanilla, create her pamper basket by revolving around that particular smell.

Find some pretty candles that smell like vanilla when you light them. Include some massage oils and vanilla scented bath salts. Complement those with a rich shea butter vanilla lotion and bubble bath. Incorporate a manicure kit.

Your pampering bridal shower gift basket could include a session for a massage before the wedding. How about a session to get a manicure and pedicure?

Perhaps a gift certificate to have her hair styled might be appropriate as well. Put a relaxation CD in the basket along with a few packages of tea bags and gourmet coffee. Don't forget some sinful chocolates too!

Be sure to get some ribbon or raffia to dress up the basket. Maybe some tulle in the bride's wedding colors would make it extra decorative. Give your creativity full reign when assembling the bridal shower gift basket. Expect some ooh's and aah's not only from the bride but also the bridal guests too.