Great Bridal Showers

Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Among the things you might consider when planning a shower is what sort of bridal shower games and activities to include. Bridal shower games can make an event fun, and offer memories that the bride (and guests) will cherish. You can incorporate traditional bridal shower activities like a wishing well or bride's 'hat' with more modern and fun bridal shower games to plan a day that's full of fun and memories.

Best Bridal Shower Games
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There are many traditional bridal shower activities that you can include in your plans for the day. Make sure to have a paper plate available to make the bride-to-be's ribbon hat, for instance. As the bride opens her gifts, one of the bridesmaids takes the ribbon from each gift and attaches it to the paper plate with either double-sided tape, or by threading it through a hole punched in the plate.

At the end of the gift opening, the bride gets to wear the hat and pose for pictures. It's even more fun if the bridal shower is a Jack and Jill - make the groom wear the beribboned hat for some great blackmail shots!

Some bridal shower activities aren't so much games as they are help to the bride. One clever bridesmaid had all the guests address their own thank you note envelopes at the start of the shower. Later, as the bride-to-be visited each table, her friend collected all the envelopes and held them in a fan for the bride to choose one.

Whichever name she chose got to take home the table centerpiece arrangement. The little bridal shower game was a clever way to save the bride the work of writing out all the addresses on the bridal shower thank you's.

Other wedding shower games are just for silly fun. A bridal shower game that's a lot of fun is a version of 'Hot Potato'. Hold up a box and tell all the guests that it contains a teddy.

The box will be handed from person to person throughout the game. The person holding it when the music stops will have to open it and wear the teddy for the rest of the event. When the game is over and the box is opened, the 'teddy' is revealed - a stuffed teddy bear.

Another bridal shower game that's a lot of fun is 'designing the wedding dress'. You can split up the guests by table, or use some other method to sort out the bridal shower guests into teams. Each team has 20 minutes to design a wedding dress - which will be modeled by one of their members. The catch? The main material of the dress is a roll of toilet paper. At the end of twenty minutes, the bride gets to award the prize to the best wedding dress.

A bridal shower game that tests the bride's knowledge of her groom to be can be a lot of fun for everyone. A few days before the wedding, a friend calls the groom with a list of questions that might include his favorite color, the name of his first pet, his least favorite movie and the person in history he'd most like to have dinner with. The more clever the questions, the more fun the game.

At the shower, distribute a list of the questions to each guest, and have them write down the number of questions they think the bride will answer correctly. After dinner, put the bride-to-be in the hot seat - let the guests take turns asking her the questions. Each time she answers a question wrong, the guest gets a little trinket of prizes bought for the occasion. At the end of the game, everyone who guessed the right number of correct answers gets a special prize to take home.

Bridal shower games can add a lot of fun to the wedding shower - just make sure not to over plan. Choose one or two fun wedding shower games - and be sure to get lots of pictures!