Great Bridal Showers

Choosing a Good Bridal Shower Game Idea

Are you in search of a great bridal shower game idea? Sounds like you have done a lot of the difficult work already for this bridal shower and you need a little break from your planning activities. Well, there are numerous choices for a bridal shower game to play. The hard part is deciding which of these bridal shower games ideas you want for your event.

Best Bridal Shower Games
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Charades is an old, but popular game. Before the shower, write down every word you can think of related to brides, weddings and marriage on individual slips of paper. As the guests arrive, assign them to a team.

When it is time for a bridal shower game to play, you can announce that it is time for Bridal Charades. Each person takes a turn and draws a slip of paper with one of the topics you wrote down. They have a time limit to try and act out what is on the slip of paper.

Famous couples throughout history can be a great brain teaser. The object of this bridal shower game idea is to match famous couples together. Choose a variety of couples that guests from different generations might know to even the playing field a bit. For instance, when you choose couples from history like Cleopatra and Marc Antony, everyone has an even chance. Fictional characters are also fair game like Romeo and Juliet or Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Another bridal shower game idea needs a chalkboard or dry erase board. It is a game related to Pictionary, only you use all wedding related type of words or phrases. You set up the guests into two teams. Your team has to try and guess the answer to what you are drawing before the time limit is up.

If your team doesn't get it correct, the opposing team has a shot to guess. If the opposing team gets the right answer, they earn a bonus point. Some fun phrases to use for this game include "the old ball and chain," "for better or for worse" and "the honeymoon is over."

Telling lies can turn into a bridal shower game to play. Have each guest write three things about themselves on a slip of paper. Two things are the truth and one is a lie. The object of the game is to figure out which one is the lie. Make the lies very convincing and pick some truths that are a bit outlandish. This way the guests will have harder time guessing the answer.

Name that tune song game variations is another bridal shower game idea. The object is to come up with as many songs as possible that are related to wedding words. Split the guests into several teams and have them draw a slip of paper with a wedding word on it like chapel or love.

Each team takes turns coming up with a song that has those words in it. When one team gets stumped for an answer, the opposing team gets the point, and then draws another wedding word. To make things even more interesting, have the guests sing s snippet of the songs they come up with.

There is no shortage of bridal shower game ideas to try. You just have to decide which ones are a good fit for your guests.