Great Bridal Showers

The Bridal Shower Gag Gift... Share Some Laughs

Want to liven up the bridal shower with a bridal shower gag gift? Great! There are a few guidelines to giving the bride a gag gift at the bridal shower. One thing to keep in mind is the audience. If grandma or the bride's maiden Aunt Gertrude is among the guests, you might want to reconsider that risqué gift you were thinking about!

Also mull over the bride's reaction. If it is indeed a risqué bridal shower gag gift, will she be mortified to open it in front of everyone or is she a good sport and will laugh along with everyone else? You might want to save the risqué stuff for the bachelorette party later!

There are numerous options for a bridal shower gag gift other than the racy stuff. Innocuous items can turn into funny gifts with the right message. For instance, buy the bride a whistle to hang around her neck. Tell her it is to keep her husband-to-be in line, sort of an obedience tool.

Create your own marriage survival gear with various items around the house. Present the bride with a megaphone, so her words can always be heard by the groom. A box of band-aids is for hurt feelings. Hershey's kisses represent kisses of course!

Give the bride a kitchen timer as part of this bridal shower gag gift for those moments when someone needs a time-out to cool off. Include a floor tile for the bride and groom to use when it is their turn to "have the floor" during a discussion. (You can buy individual tiles at a home improvement store). Wrap up all these goodies with individual tags so the bride knows what each one symbolizes.

Devise your own "home improvement" kit using real tools. However, give the bride an instruction booklet with "alternative" uses for this bridal shower gag gift. For instance, the hammer is for the bride to knock some sense into her husband when he is being hard-headed.

The screw driver is for when someone is acting like they have "a screw loose" and have to be put back together. A set of pliers is for when the bride has to "pull" information out of a non-talkative husband. Giving the bride a leveler represents that someone should always be "level-headed" in the relationship. Buy an inexpensive tool apron that you tie around the waist to hold this creative home improvement kit.

Since some gifts are all about presentation. Should you decide to create your own gag gift similar to one of the ideas above, be ready to present each piece of the bridal shower gag gift to the bride in front of all the guests. That way, everyone can share in the laughs.

Hopefully some of these bridal shower gag gift ideas will spark a few of your own. The best part? All of these are appropriate for grandma and maiden Aunt Gertrude!