Great Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Food and Menu Ideas

You've put a lot of thought into decoration and theme - how about the bridal shower food and menu? If you've decided to hold the wedding shower at a hall or restaurant with a caterer, you can just pick out the menu and let them handle it all. If budget or preference dictates that you have the shower at home and prepare the bridal shower food yourself, though, there are many different ideas to make the bridal shower food and menu as memorable as everything else about the day.

One of the easiest ways to pick out the food for the bridal shower is to fit it to the theme of the day. Some themes just lend themselves naturally to certain foods, like these:

Breakfast Brunch Wedding Shower Food and Menu

For an early bridal shower, serve brunch. Arrange several trays of Danish and muffins on the buffet table. If you can get an electric griddle (or a gas one) and have a handy cook, you can serve up omelets to order. Just set out bowls of pre-diced peppers, onions, tomato, ham, sausage and bacon, and mix up a big pitcherful of beaten eggs.

It only takes a few minutes to cook up and fold an omelet with all the prep work done in advance. Or - if you dare to go a little fancier - do the same thing with crepes, but let your guests wrap their own from an assortment of fruit and savory fillings.

The perfect drink? Mimosas, of course. Make up a punch bowl full with a gallon of orange juice to a bottle of champagne. Don't forget to make up a virgin bowl as well for the non-drinkers among your guests - just substitute club soda for the champagne. Float real orange blossoms in the bowl for decorative effect - and keep the coffee pot full and hot.

Afternoon Barbecue Bridal Shower Food and Menu

Throw an old fashioned hoe-down barbecue wedding shower for your favorite gal - and invite the guys along for this one, too. Serve up the usual barbecue fare - but feel free to be cute about it. Serve Adam's ribs and Don't Chicken Out Fingers.

A big pot of homemade chili is a must, as are potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw. Backyard barbecue bridal shower food can be a community project. Tab some of the guests to bring along their famous barbecue contributions - who could think of having a party without Aunt Tillie's potato and egg salad?

Potluck Jack and Jill Dinner Bridal Shower Food

If you're throwing an evening bridal shower at a local hall or backyard, make it a pot luck bridal shower. Ask each guest to bring a dish for dinner. Include a recipe card with the invitation, and ask each contributor to write out the recipe and bring it along.

Not only will you get a spread fit for a king - or the bride and groom in this case - but you'll get to put together a great recipe box full of wonderful salads, main courses and dessert dishes. And maybe, just maybe, Aunt Tillie will part with her recipe for famous potato and egg salad as a bridal shower gift.