Great Bridal Showers

Creative Bridal Shower Favors

Traditionally, bridal shower favors are given to guests at a wedding shower as a memento of the occasion. It used to be common to hand out little tulle-wrapped packets of Jordan almonds or mints wrapped with a pretty ribbon in the wedding colors. If you wanted something a little cuter, you could pick up little plastic parasols to fill with candy mints and wrap.

Wedding party shower favors have come a long way since those days. With a little creativity and imagination, you can send your bridal shower guests home with bridal shower favors that are not only pretty and memorable, but useful as well.

Bridal Shower Favors That Grow On You

With the eco-consciousness of today's young couples has come a new awareness of nature and growing things. One of the nicer bridal shower favors ideas that we've seen is the tradition of giving packets of wildflower seeds as wedding shower favors. You can make your own with a bulk package of mixed wildflower seeds and some pretty fabric envelopes - or purchase tiny packets of flower seeds in glassine, sheer organza, printed or tin containers printed with the bride's name and the date of her wedding shower.

Bridal Shower Favors To Use Every Day

Personalized mint tins are another new wedding party shower favor tradition. The reusable metal tins can be printed with any sentiment you like, or with any of a wide variety of designs to commemorate the wedding shower day. They're refillable, and the perfect size to slip into a purse or pocket - which means that your guests will get to do more with them than put them on a shelf of memories.

Bridal Shower Favors With Good Taste

Give your wedding shower guests the gift of the perfect morning wake-me-up. Combine a personalized packet of gourmet coffee designed to be used as wedding favors with a coffee mug or cup and saucer set for each guest. If coffee's not your cup of tea -- there are personalized wedding favor tea bags as well. Pair them with a heart-shaped sterling silver tea strainer for a double-nice wedding shower favor.

The Sweetest Bridal Shower Favors

Step out of the Jordan almond rut and pack up unusual candies as wedding shower favors. You can pick up a bag of 50 Hershey Miniatures with custom-printed personalized candy bar labels for about $50. Candy conversation hearts are another clever wedding shower favor candy filler that you can use instead of Jordan almonds in little boxes or clever containers.

If the wedding and wedding shower are autumn events, opt for our favorite seasonal candy - candy corn! Glassine tubes filled with candy corn and fitted with a custom 'stopper' of curling ribbons can even be arranged in a vase on the table as part of the centerpiece. You can purchase all sorts of adorable candy holders - heart shaped votive candle holders, Chinese takeout boxes, sheer plastic envelopes - and fill them with any small candies that match the wedding theme. Peppermint RedHot hearts anyone?