Great Bridal Showers

Looking for a Bridal Shower Favor Idea?

Edible bridal shower favors have always been popular, but if you're looking for an edible bridal shower favor idea that's different and unique, you'll find far more than Jordan almonds and pastel mints these days. From wine to coffee, from cookies to pretzels, there are all sorts of fresh new ideas for bridal shower favors.

Coffee Bridal Shower Favor Idea

Love coffee? Personalized packets of coffee that make one delicious pot of good Arabica are a great bridal shower favor idea - or the base for one.

For something really special, make the rounds of the flea markets or dollar stores to pick out a pretty cup and saucer set. Package a Perfect Couple coffee envelope personalized with the wedding couple's stats with a cup and saucer, and wrap the whole thing up in circles of colored tulle.

Not a coffee person? Just adjust the bridal shower favor idea slightly to the left and substitute personalized Perfect Blend tea bags for the coffee packets.

An edible and a 'go-with' make great bridal shower favors. Cups and saucers are just one possibility. You might choose a silver heart-shaped tea strainer to go with personalized tea bags, or a silver coffee measuring scoop to go with coffee.

Cookies Bridal Shower Favor Idea

Personalized cookies are another great bridal shower favor idea. You can make your own and decorate them with piped icing, adding the name of the bride to be and the date of her shower.

Wedding bells, bridal umbrellas, linked wedding rings and doves are all great shapes for iced bridal shower cookies. Wrap each oversize cookie in colored cellophane and tie with personalized ribbon.

If you don't have time to do the baking yourself, you can order the cookies from a baker or a wedding shower favor supply house. Instead of personalized ribbon, you might have cards or tags printed with the wedding shower date and the name of the bride to be, and slide them onto the ribbon holding the cookie's wrapping closed.

Personalized Candies Bridal Shower Favor Idea

Love chocolate? How about candy conversation hearts? You can share your sweet tooth with the shower guests. Send chocolate bars wrapped in personalized candy wrappers home with your guests, or fill a little basket with conversation hearts.

One of the cleverest? A chocolate puzzle wrapped up in a personalized ribbon imprinted with the name of the bride and her wedding shower date.

An Elegant Bridal Shower Favor Idea

For a bridal shower favor that won't be soon forgotten, couple a bottle of wine from a local vineyard with a crystal wine glass or sterling cork screw. To make it really special, order personalized wine labels with bridal bells or another wedding motif, and the bride's name and shower date.

If you're still looking for unusual bridal shower favor ideas, you'll find lots of great ideas at wedding and bridal web sites.