Great Bridal Showers

Advice on Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal shower etiquette can be tricky. Some of these etiquette rules are implied, as if you should know them just because you are female. Well, it is safe to say that there are many women who do not know these rules, so let's get started with a crash course on bridal shower etiquette.

Who hosts the bridal shower? Tradition states the maid of honor usually handles these duties. However, if she does not live in the area, another bridesmaid or close family member can manage and plan the event.

Bridal shower etiquette also mentions that the maid of honor needs to be contacted to find out if she is handling the bridal shower. If she cannot, it is common courtesy for the bridal shower planner to keep her in the loop on the festivities.

Invite or not to invite, that is the question... The bridal shower guest list is another aspect to consider in bridal shower etiquette. It is in poor taste to invite someone to the bridal shower, but not to the wedding. Make sure that the guests you invite are also on the wedding guest list as well.

All bridesmaids and other ladies associated with the wedding party should be on the guest list as well as the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom. Include any other female relatives like aunts and cousins as well as dear family friends of the bride. Do not neglect the bride's close friends at her workplace too.

When do you mail the invitations and what information do you want on them? It is customary to hold the bridal shower at least a month before the wedding date. Therefore, following bridal shower etiquette rules, the invitations can be mailed to the guests three to four weeks in advance.

The invitation should include who the shower is for, what date it is, a start and finish time, the location of the event, phone numbers for RSVP purposes, a theme is applicable and directions to the bridal shower. Gift registry information can be included at the hostess's discretion.

Since the bride may have a wide circle of friends and relatives, bridal shower etiquette maintains that a few people should be designated to greet people. This is the perfect opportunity to include the mothers of the bride and groom and bridesmaids.

Between them, they probably have met most of the guests attending. Some things to relay to guests when they arrive include the refreshment area location, where to hang coats and stow away purses and where to place any gifts.

To kick off the bridal shower festivities, plan a few games to loosen everyone up. This is a great way to get comfortable with guests you may not know. One way to break the ice is to have everyone introduce themselves and maybe tell a quick story of their relationship with the bride.

What is the bridal shower etiquette on sending thank-you cards? Typically, a week is a respectable amount of time for the bride to write thank-you cards and get them mailed. It is important to designate someone at the shower to keep a list of everything the bride received, a description should she receive similar items and the person who gave the gift. Verify that you have all the mailing addresses of the guests so thank-you cards can be sent in a timely manner.

With the basics of bridal shower etiquette in hand, you should be armed with enough knowledge to prevent any faux pas. Now you can enjoy your time planning this special day for the bride.