Great Bridal Showers

Ten Bridal Shower Decoration Suggestions

If you're the one in charge of bridal shower decoration for your best friend or sister's wedding, you'll be helping to set the tone and the mood for the festivities with the wedding shower decoration that you choose. Whether you want to play on traditional wedding shower decoration themes or strike out on your own, here are ten bridal shower decoration ideas that you can adapt and suit to your own plans.


A favorite bridal shower decoration is the wishing well. You can rent a lace-lavished wishing well at a local florist or wedding favor and party shop - or make one yourself from sturdy corrugated cardboard and white crepe paper frills. Set up in a corner or the center of the room, it's the perfect place for guests to drop off their gifts.


Take your cue from the bride. If she has a favorite activity or motif, include it in the bridal shower decoration scheme. Decorate with her favorite teddy bears - or angels or unicorns or rainbows. Favors and centerpiece decorations can represent her favorite things - and serve as new pieces for her collection.


Another favorite bridal shower decoration is a wedding parasol to shower the bride with confetti. Wedding shower parasols can be bought at party stores, or you can make your own with a wedding parasol and tulle netting. Fill the opened, upside down parasol with colorful confetti (or wedding candy for a unique shower), and wrap with tulle netting securely tied with a ribbon around the parasol handle. Hang it from the ceiling above the bride's chair, and at the right time, give the ribbon a tug to let loose a shower of confetti and candy.


Have a kitchen wedding shower, and suit your bridal shower decoration to the theme. Use kitchen towels as placemats, and turn sets of kitchen utilities into decorative table centerpieces.


Don't forget the bride's throne. A popular bridal shower decoration is the bride (or bride and groom's) throne. In many cities, you can rent a decorated, cushioned papa-san chair just for the occasion at Spanish bodegas and party decoration shops.


There's always flowers! Decorate the hall for the wedding shower in the bridal party colors and choose table centerpieces to match. Before the shower starts, tape a penny to the underside of one chair at each table. At the end of the day, the wedding shower decoration centerpieces go home with the person sitting in the 'lucky chair'.


Appeal to the child in everyone with a Disney wedding shower decoration scheme. You can decorate with Disney princesses - Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White - or famous Disney couples - Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Simba and Nala.


Make the favors part of the wedding shower decoration. Pretty packages all wrapped up in tulle and ribbons set at each place add a touch of the festive to the occasion.


Decorate the wedding shower hall with the bride and groom's lives. Collect favorite photos of the bride and groom from family ad friends and have them blown up to poster size. Decorate the walls, or hang from the ceiling. Imagine the look on the bride's face when she walks in and sees a photo of her husband-to-be -- in kindergarten.


Pick a bridal shower decoration scheme that has personal meaning to the bride and groom. Your decorations can reference the place where they met, their favorite activities, their social causes or just about anything else. Personal wedding decorations will be remembered long after the wedding shower with special affection.