Great Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Decoration Idea... Look No Further!

Are you looking for a unique and unusual bridal shower decoration idea? Why not turn to the bride's heritage as a source for bridal shower decorating ideas, party foods, favors and activities?

Ethnic wedding themes have become among the most popular of all wedding themes - it makes sense to carry over the bride's or groom's heritage into the wedding shower decorating as well. Here are a few of the most popular ethnic/heritage themes for weddings, and bridal shower decoration ideas to go along with them.

Bridal Shower Decoration Idea for a Chinese Bride

The number one rule of decorating for a Chinese wedding shower is make it colorful, make it bright and avoid white. In many Chinese cultures, white is the color of mourning. Instead, choose red and gold as your decorating colors, and use them lavishly.

Dragon and phoenix are one of the most enduring wedding themes in Chinese culture - you can find wall scrolls printed with traditional depictions of dragon and phoenix, or with the still more traditional ideograph for Double-Happiness. Hang Chinese lanterns as decorations, and give miniature Chinese lanterns as wedding shower favors - they can double as table decorations for the party.

Don't forget the fortune cookies for all the guests. If you're ambitious and have the time, you can even make your own with hand printed fortunes.

Bridal Shower Decoration Idea for the Japanese Bride

Lots of wedding articles and magazines talk about 'Asian wedding themes' without making a differentiation for the remarkably wide differences between Asian cultures. If your bride is a Japanese bride, look to nature for wedding shower decoration ideas.

The theme should be simplicity, and the colors serene - soft blue, or pale greens, brown and grey will set the tone for a delicately beautiful and meaningful wedding shower party. The wedding shower table decorations can be floral - a spray of plum blossoms in an elegantly simple black vase is a striking nod to the Japanese flower arranging art of Ikebana.

Lanterns can play a major part in the decorations for a Japanese wedding shower theme as well, but instead of the flamboyant red and gold and tassels of Chinese lanterns, choose the understated simplicity of white Japanese paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling and set a festive mood with colored lights inside them.

Bridal Shower Decoration Idea for the Mexican Bride

It's fiesta time! For a Mexican wedding shower, pull out the bright, hot colors of the Mexican flag. Red, yellow and green against pure snow-white napkins and tablecloths put everyone in a party mood right from the start. Decorations should be lavish and elaborate - lavish table edges with lace and trim everything in sight - it's a celebration!

Keep the theme going with bright piņatas - and don't stop at just one. Hang filled piņatas from the ceiling between tables to lend their promise of fun and showers of gifts throughout the afternoon. The biggest piņata of all should be over the bridal throne of course, to spill a shower of good wishes over her when it's broken.

A little research will yield plenty of bridal shower ideas based on ethnic themes. Consider gondolas for an Italian bride, le Tour Eiffel centerpieces for the French bride, and plaid tartans for the Scottish bride. A little time and forethought will give you wedding shower decoration ideas for any ethnic bride and guarantee a wedding shower that is meaningful and memorable.