Great Bridal Showers

Success is Yours... With the Bridal Shower Check List

Hosting a bridal shower is a lot of work, but with a bridal shower check list you can stay organized and in control. All your hard work will be rewarded, knowing you put on a great shower for the bride!

First of all, as hostess, you are probably the maid of honor or one of the bride's dearest friends. Your relationship with her will help you greatly in devising the guest list. Family, members of the wedding party, close business associates and other friends are some guests who will attend the shower.

Timing is everything and should really be at the top of the bridal shower check list. The weekend is usually your best bet because it accommodates the people who work during the week. Choosing the time of day can depend on a number of factors like traveling guests and your decision to serve a full meal or stick to finger foods and cake.

Location is also another consideration on the bridal shower check list. Typically the bridal shower is held in the hostess's home. If you do not have a home big enough to hold the guests, talk with the bride's family members or others in the wedding party. They may be able to offer their larger home as the event location.

Budget is a dreaded word, but a necessary evil when it comes to planning a bridal shower. Drafting the basic costs of paper supplies, food, decorations, party favors, drinks and invitations is all a part of the bridal shower check list. Traditionally, the hostess takes care of the expenses, but do not be shy about asking for help from the other bridesmaids. Determine what you can afford.

Invitations can be one of the most stressful parts of the planning process. Refer to a previous bridal shower check list item – the budget. What you can spend will have an impact on the invitations as well as the theme you plan for the event. Some options to save money in this area include e-cards and fill-in-the-blank invitation cards.

And speaking of the theme of the bridal shower, another item on the bridal shower check list is decorations. You want your decorations to match the theme of the invitations. For example, if your invitations have a fiesta theme, then the decorations could have a Mexican flair in the traditional red, white and green colors of Mexico along with a piñata, sombreros and chili peppers.

The theme is also reflected in the food, drink, music, paper plates, napkins, cups, plastic ware and party favors. All of these considerations come back to the budget part of the bridal shower check list. Know what you can afford, then improvise on the rest.

Games should also be considered when making out your bridal shower check list. Many guests may not know one another so you need to come up with a few ice breakers as a way for people to get to know one another.

One last thing to consider putting on your bridal shower check list is assigning several people at the bridal shower to keep track of the presents that the bride received. That way, the guests will receive thank-you cards acknowledging the correct gifts.

Let's recap what we have learned so far. Date, time, place, guest list, budget, invitations, food, decorations, games and helpers are the essentials on a bridal shower check list. Whew! Have fun!